Tuesday Tweaks - A Beautiful Website That Needs Image SEO and Risk Reversal

It's Tuesday, so it must be time for another edition of - Tuesday Tweaks!

This week we look at the Shopify site:  VivaScandinavia.com. The site is really good. The beautiful design is spot on for their branding and is super-responsive. We get a little preachy on some old favorites -- things that a LOT of Shopify merchants miss like good image SEO and Risk Reversal. But this site is a winner we can all learn from.

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What Is Wrong with My eCommerce Site, Part 2: Image ALT Tag SEO
There are a lot of things that are important to eCommerce SEO. But eCommerce image file names and ALT tags are the most common missed opportunity that we see in our website reviews which makes it a PERFECT topic of this entry in our “What Is Wrong with My eCommerce Website” series. Read more
Our Favorite Shopify Themes for Art, Artists, and Visual Products

We live in a golden age of art and creativity. And Shopify eCommerce is the perfect platform for creative businesses to live the dream of selling work online. If you make or sell visual products, you should check out these four themes.

Well, check them out no matter what because they are great examples of modern Shopify theme design. 

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A Practical eCommerce Guide to Perfect Product Photos

It’s time to get practical!

If you have the budget and time to contract professional product photography, great. But the vast majority of Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are using product images provided by suppliers and manufacturers, or they are shooting product images themselves using digital cameras or even their smartphones. But even photos provided by professional photographers may not be optimized for eCommerce.

This article is about fixing that.

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