The Power of Habit to Capture eCommerce Customer Loyalty

Sometimes selling products at very low margins – or occasionally at a loss – is a part of your strategic marketing plan. In fact, it can be one of the most effective marketing tools of the modern age. And to be clear, I am not talking about “loss leaders.” Here's what you need to know.

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EVERYONE wants more eCommerce conversions, and this week's Shopify merchant on Tuesday Tweaks is no exception. 

But the Shopify merchant wants better SEO and more conversions, and we're going to lend a hand.

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What’s Wrong with My eCommerce Site, Part 3: Pricing
Sometimes you get traffic, but you aren’t getting many orders. There are a lot of things that can prevent customers from completing orders on your site – including trust, perceived risk, page performance (speed), and a bunch of other things. We’ll get to all of those at some point in this series. But today we are going to focus on one of the hardest topics to tackle … your product pricing Read more
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