The Great Questions You Need to Ask of Your Shopify Developer

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Whether you are talking about a complete Shopify site set-up and configuration or a few small task tweaks to improve performance, there are a handful of questions you should ask your Shopify developer before you let them work on your eCommerce store. And here they are .... 

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What is a Shopify Small Task and Why You Should Care

TaskHusky has helped thousands of stores get these kinds of things done. But since we also do larger Shopify tasks and projects, we still get asked about the difference between a normal Shopify project or task and a Shopify Small Task. We created this post to provide the answer.

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Time To Meet The Grid Theme For The First Time … Again
One of the most popular Shopify eCommerce premium themes over the last few years has been Pixel Union’s “Grid.” When we saw that they had just released a complete new version update, we had to take a look. This re-born theme has it all - new hero options, new video options, new layouts, and much more. Read more
Our Favorite Shopify Themes for Art, Artists, and Visual Products

We live in a golden age of art and creativity. And Shopify eCommerce is the perfect platform for creative businesses to live the dream of selling work online. If you make or sell visual products, you should check out these four themes.

Well, check them out no matter what because they are great examples of modern Shopify theme design. 

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