10 Examples of Shopify Theme Cart Customization

10 Examples of Shopify Theme Cart Customization

Are you looking to improve the user experience of your Shopify store and increase conversions? Look no further! This blog post will show you the best ways to customize your cart and make it stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re just getting started with your Shopify store or you’re looking to take your current shopping experience to the next level, we’ve put together a jam-packed list of Shopify theme cart customizations. Some of them are easy enough for beginners, while others may take some coding to get the details right. Either way, you’ll find some great ideas to optimize your store.

Let’s get started!

Shipping cost calculator

One of the most important aspects of any online store is providing customers with accurate shipping costs. A shipping cost calculator can eliminate any surprises at checkout and increase trust in your store. Like many Shopify theme customizations, there is a good chance you may have an app in the Shopify app store that does a portion of what you’re looking for. However, ensuring you have all the right settings selected with the right shipping weights, couriers, dimensions, etc., can be quite the task. Rather than pulling your hair out trying to get it working, you might be better off getting a helping hand from a Shopify Expert.

Cart saver pop-up

Don't let your customers forget about their shopping carts! A cart saver pop-up is a perfect way to remind them of the items they've added and encourage them to complete their purchase. Adding a pop-up to your Shopify store is a trivial job for many of the apps available on the Shopify App Store. On the other hand, getting the design, timing, and triggers right may take some extra configuring so that it isn’t negatively interrupting the shopping experience.

Spend points at checkout

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is a great motivator of repeat purchases. One way to help make this happen is by offering a 'spend points at checkout' option, which allows customers to redeem points earned through purchases or other activities like signing up for a newsletter or leaving a review. This goes beyond what your typical loyalty program software does out of the box, so you’ll have to dig into your Shopify theme to add Theme App Extensions or custom code to showcase this feature.

Express checkout (plus copy!)

Customers want convenience and speed in today's fast-paced shopping world. An express checkout option can provide that by allowing customers to check out quickly and easily. Whether you use Shop Pay, Google Pay, or otherwise, they need to see the option to know it’s there. Make sure you enable the additional payment options in your Shopify backend!

It can also help to change the copy below the express checkout options so that shoppers know there is a standard checkout option. Otherwise, you risk scaring customers away — and nobody wants that.

Recommendations upsell

Upselling is a tried-and-true way to increase the average order value for your store. One way to do this is by offering product recommendations based on the items in a customer's cart. This can be especially effective for customers who may not have considered purchasing related items. Several apps on the Shopify App Store can help you add recommendations upsell to your cart, but if you want complete control over how the feature operates, you can custom code it as well.

Bundle upsell

Another way to customize your cart with an upsell is by offering bundle deals. Bundled offers can encourage customers to purchase multiple items at once — with a price break, so it’s worth their while. Just like other product-related upsells, you can find an app to do some of this or fine-tune the look and feel with yourself or with the help of a Shopify Expert developer.

Shipping protection upsell

Shipping projection can be a touchy subject in some ecommerce circles, but providing the upsell, especially for higher-ticket items, can increase conversions and provide added value for customers. Customers may be concerned about the safety of their purchase during transit if it’s fragile, unique, or simply just valuable.

Subscription upsell

Locking customers into a recurring subscription service can significantly increase customer loyalty as well as all-important store revenue. While marketing your subscription on it’s own is always a good idea, you can also encourage customers to sign up with a subscription upsell in the cart prior to the checkout process. This subscription upset can include items such as a monthly subscription box, a recurring delivery of a specific product, or even a subscription-based membership program.

Free shipping progress

Providing customers with a clear understanding of how close they are to reaching the minimum purchase amount for free shipping can be a powerful motivator to encourage them to add more items to their cart. A free shipping progress bar can help to provide this information and increase conversions.

Sustainability offset upsell

As consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact, offering sustainability offsetting upsells can be a great way to appeal to their values and increase conversions. This can include options such as carbon offsetting or supporting sustainable initiatives provided by different charities.

Shopify Theme Cart Customization TL;DR

In conclusion, customizing your Shopify theme's cart can greatly improve the user experience and increase conversions on your online store. There are a vast number of different Shopify apps that are purpose-built to enable some of these cart customizations, but finding the one that is exactly right for your business can be a challenge.

Even when you find the perfect app, making sure it is configured and displayed properly on your store while not impacting the customer experience may need some external assistance from a Shopify Small Task expert to help customize your Shopify theme to achieve your cart improvement goals.

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