8 Examples of Shopify Checkout Customization

8 Examples of Shopify Checkout Customization

The checkout page is the last step in the journey before any online purchase is made, so this page must be designed with customers in mind. To be blunt — you will lose potential customers if your Shopify store has a clunky checkout process. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to customize your checkout page to make it easy and even enjoyable. Let’s take a look at eight creative ways to customize your Shopify checkout page and make sure you’re optimizing for customer experience!

1. Add live chat support

Customizing your Shopify theme to include live chat support in the checkout is a great way to show customers that you value their experience. Live chat shows you’re available to get quick answers to any last-minute queries, making it easier for them to complete their purchase without waiting hours or even days for a response.

Live chat can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, as customers are more likely to complete their purchase if they can get fast and helpful assistance without having to hunt for an answer.

Live chat support also helps build customer trust and loyalty, showing that you prioritize customer service.

2. Include relevant upsells and cross-sells

Upselling and cross-selling can help increase your average order value by suggesting additional items or services related to the products they are already purchasing. This can be done throughout the customer journey, from product pages to checkout — anywhere customers consider the items going in their cart.

Including relevant upsells, cross-sells, and bundling on the checkout page is especially effective because customers are already in the buying mindset and may be more likely to add items or services related to their current purchase.

You can even make personalized recommendations tailored to a customer’s preferences or past purchases, creating a more meaningful buying experience that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Ultimately, customizing your Shopify checkout with upselling and cross-selling boosts sales and revenue for your business.

3. Offer multiple payment options

Customizing your Shopify store’s checkout to include multiple payment options is an often overlooked part of providing a positive customer experience. Customers should get to choose the payment method that works best for them and is most convenient.

Popular payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay — not to mention Shopify’s own Shop Pay — should all be included. Offering alternative payment methods such as digital wallets or a Buy Now Pay Later option can also help to broaden your customer base and make it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

Multiple payment options make it easier for customers to pay for their orders rather than abandoning their cart due to a lack of payment options.

4. Display security badges

Displaying security badges is a simple but effective way to customize your ecommerce checkout so customers can feel reassured that their sensitive information is protected.

Security badges can even help to improve conversion rates by making customers feel more comfortable completing their purchases, regardless of their payment method. Ultimately, displaying security badges on your checkout page can be critical in building customer trust and ensuring your customers feel safe while shopping with you.

5. Transparent international shipping costs

Showing shipping costs early in the process helps provide transparency upfront, so customers know exactly how much they will be paying before they complete their purchase. For your international customers, though, extra duties and taxes can be added to the regular shipping they aren’t expecting.

By customizing the checkout of your Shopify store to make this information available, customers can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to proceed with their purchase and how much it will cost them in total.

Additionally, providing customers with an accurate estimated delivery date can continue to build long-term customer loyalty — as long as they actually get their order when you tell them to expect it!

6. Detailed order summaries

An order summary on your checkout page can benefit customers by providing a comprehensive purchase overview. It should include a list of all items they have added to their cart and any discounts or promotions applied during the shopping process. Few things are as frustrating during checkout as having to go back to try and see all of the items that are going to be in your order.

Having a clear picture of what they are (or aren’t!) ordering will reduce confusion and give customers a sense of control over their shopping experience. By making the checkout process more straightforward and user-friendly, you can help ensure customers complete their orders successfully.

7. Highlight customer reviews

Highlighting customer reviews and ratings right in the Shopify checkout is a great way to increase the conversion rate. This type of endorsement from past buyers can help build trust and can be the deciding factor in whether someone takes the risk and commits to purchase from an unfamiliar business.

You can encourage more people to take the plunge and purchase by showing off positive feedback. It's also important to note that customer reviews should include the good and any constructive criticism or feedback. Having neutral or even negative reviews sprinkled in shows authenticity, especially for newer brands.

8. Gamify the checkout experience

Gamification elements such as spin wheels, coupons, loyalty points, and rewards are proven to keep customers engaged throughout the shopping journey. By providing incentives that customers can strive for and embedding them in the checkout, businesses can create a more enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience.

Using these gamification elements can help businesses gain valuable insights into consumer behavior which can then be used to make data-driven decisions to optimize the customer experience even further.

Checkout customization TL;DR

There are so many ways small businesses can customize their Shopify checkout pages to ensure an optimal user experience with every purchase! Some are simple and are achieved using purpose-built apps, while others are a bit more complex. For the checkout customizations that require a bit more work under the hood, it can never hurt to get some help from a Shopify Expert who has done it before — many, many times.

If that sounds like something you’d find helpful, we happen to know the best Shopify small task experts in the biz.

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