The Best Shopify Themes for Health & Wellness eCommerce Brands

The Best Shopify Themes for Health & Wellness eCommerce Brands

Health and Wellness brands are one of the hottest eCommerce segments for 2019. There is even a new term for it that is gaining popularity – Self-Care. Consumers are spending less on other categories and devoting more time and resources to Health and Wellness and the experiences that go along with it. It’s only natural that this new generation would shop for their health and wellness products online.

The Global Wellness Institute reports that the worldwide market for health and wellness products has exploded to $4.2 trillion. That’s larger than the GDP of Germany. And even if you are conservative in your estimates, the market in the US alone is nearly $200 billion per year.

What Are Health and Wellness Products?

Health and Wellness products cover a wide array of consumer products, including:

Skin Care and Hair Care product Websites

Face and body lotions, beard creams and oils for men, grooming trimmers and tools, styling brushes and combs, etc.

Diet and Nutrition Products Websites

Vitamins, healthy eating, weight-loss programs, muscle-building programs, chef and gourmet, etc.

Fitness and Exercise Product Websites

Weights and exercise bands, health clubs, exercise gear, athletic shoes, yoga mats and clothing, etc.

Therapy and Therapeutic Clothing and Device Websites

Massages, fascia and micro-fascial therapy and devices, joint support and braces, compression therapy wraps and clothing, etc.

There are literally thousands of products and services in the Health and Wellness category. And consumers who purchase Health and Wellness products tend to purchase several different products and consume them for a long period of time. In short, it’s a good business to be in. If you are a Shopify merchant entrepreneur selling Health and Wellness products online, you need a great Shopify theme. So, we reached out to the top theme creators in the community for their advice about the best Shopify themes for Health and Wellness brands to sell online.

What Are the Best Shopify Themes to Sell Health and Wellness Products?

There are a lot of great themes available from reliable theme creators in the Shopify ecosystem. But these are our top four Health and Wellness theme picks for 2019.

The Turbo Theme from Out Of The Sandbox

Out Of The Sandbox is the #1 theme developer in the Shopify ecosystem. They’ve been around and involved in the Shopify community for a long time and they have a great team. Their CEO Brad Miller recommends the Turbo theme for Health and Wellness shops.

"The flexibility and performance of the Turbo theme are ideally suited for health and wellness shops, where merchants can recount the personal story behind their products in a dynamic experience that resonates with health-conscious consumers." – Brad Miller, CEO

When you visit the Out Of The Sandbox theme products page, you’ll see that the Turbo theme is available in five styles: Chicago, Dubai, Florence, Portland, and Seoul. So, you have some versatility to get the look you want. But Laura – Out Of The Sandbox’s Marketing Director – thinks that the Florence theme style is a great place to start.

Turbo Theme for Shopify Compsit Image perfect for Health and Wellness Brands

You can see a ton of live website examples using the Turbo theme here. And Laura got back to us with a special discount code that our readers can use too. If you decide to use the Turbo theme for your Health and Wellness online store, at checkout just use the coupon code: TASKHUSKY15

The Impulse Theme from Archetype Themes

We’ve worked with Archetype Themes for a while now and they do great work. We met them at a big Shopify event in Canada and they are passionate about their work. Archetype CEO Paul Pritchard likes the Health and Wellness segment and recommends their Impulse theme. 

"Impulse's powerful promotional features and minimal, modern design give you the ability to look as good and sell as effectively as any top brand in the health and wellness space."– a Paul Pritchard, CEO

We gave the Impulse theme are look and we can see why they recommend it. It comes with three pre-loaded styles (they call them “presets”): Modern, Vintage, and Bold. They have sample websites for each one. The Bold preset sample is set up for sports and fitness, and the Modern preset sample is set up for fashion. Either of those would be a great starting point theme selection for Health and Wellness.

Impulse Theme Composit Image for Health and Wellness Websites on Shopify

You can check out the Impulse theme on their website and in the Shopify Marketplace.

The Handy & Reach Themes from Pixel Union

Pixel Union is another stand-out theme and app maker in the Shopify Community. They’ve been building themes for Shopify since 2009. Happy Ten-Year Anniversary guys! We spoke with Ben Moore and Hal Williams about what themes worked best for Health and Wellness products, and they recommended that store owners take a look at the Handy and Reach themes. 

“With the rise of mobile commerce, true mobile-first Shopify themes like Handy and Reach are fantastic options. This is especially true in the health and wellness industry, where shoppers are often familiar with the products they're browsing and even more likely to purchase on their phones.” – Hal Williams, Marketing

The Reach theme is available in three styles: Natural, Solid, and Plush. To our eye, the natural style is a great starting place for Health and Wellness brands. The Handy theme comes in three flavors too: Light, Cool, and Fresh. All three are great, but the Fresh style seems spot-on for Health and Wellness stores right out of the gate. 

Pixel Union Handy Theme and Reach Theme are Great for Health and Wellness eCommerce Websites on Shopify

 You can check out the Handy theme here, and the Reach theme here.

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