Our Favorite Shopify Themes for Art, Artists, and Visual Products

Our Favorite Shopify Themes for Art, Artists, and Visual Products

Our Favorite Shopify Themes for Art, Artists, and Visual Products

Artistic Shopify Themes for Your Creative Business

We live in a golden age of creativity and art. Technology and the internet have not only put the powerful tools of design and expression easily within reach of everyone, but eCommerce innovation has made it possible for more people to make a living in the creative arts than at any time in human history.

We have compiled four of our favorite Shopify themes that we think lend themselves to the businesses of Art and Artists in the broadest sense – from painters and photographers to sculptors and wood carvers and beyond. If you make a living crafting, designing, or selling visual products online, we think that these four themes are worth a look to make your work pop.

The Basics - Great Images Displayed Really Well

We work with theme developers every single day. So we see hundreds of great themes on an ongoing basis. But there are so many great themes out there, there’s no way we’ve seen them all. But we’ve recently come across a handful that we think really helped visual products jump off the screen and made us want to buy them. So we had to call them to your attention.

As you might imagine, a theme for visual products needs to be great at displaying images. This doesn’t just mean “room for lots of pictures.” It means that the theme organization and design doesn’t distract from the awesome images placed in it, because the product are going to sell themselves. It compliments them without getting in the way. It also means that the theme is appealing to creative customers and has the kinds of built in features painters, designers, graphic artists, photographers, craftsmen, and anyone else who wants to sell highly visual products online wants in their eCommerce store.

Here are our current four favorite Shopify themes for Arts and Artists, in no particular order. 

Parallax Vienna Theme by Out of the Sandbox

When it comes to selling art, photography, or any products that rely on strong, powerful images, the Parallax Vienna theme from Out of the Sandbox is top notch. They named the theme Parallax after the scrolling effect of background images seeming to move at a different rate as you scroll up and down on a website. And this theme takes full advantage of this feature, as you can see in the demo.

The Vienna style of Parallax comes with what they call “large-format prints” to showcase your latest work. Many art and photography themes can be configured this way, but this version of the theme has it built in at the start with makes it perfect for larger images. It also has a full-span slideshow that can be placed anywhere on the home page. If you’re into art or photography, this theme is ready to go. 

Parallax Vienna Shopify Theme by Out of the Sandbox for Artists

Startup Art Theme by Pixel Union

The entire premise behind Pixel Union’s Startup theme is in the name. It’s simple, clean, modern and easy to navigate. There are four styles of this theme, and the one we are talking about here is called “Art” for a reason. If you’re a graphic designer selling art prints or a sculptor selling your latest work, this Startup Art gets completely out of the way to let your work stand on its own.

Our favorite built in features that give it a place in this list are the integrated home page video option, a wide layout to make the most of the online real estate, and the built-in Instagram feed. If you are all about visual, Instagram is most likely your social media of choice. So having it pre-installed means less set-up time. You can see the demo site here.

Startup Art Shopify Theme by Pixel Union for Artists

Responsive London Theme by Out of the Sandbox

Out of the Sandbox gets two mentions in our list this time. If you are urban chic, you’re going to love the style naming scheme for their Responsive theme set. You have your choice of San Francisco, New York, London, or Paris. Out of the Sandbox thinks that the London style of their Responsive theme lends itself to the arts. We think that all of them do, but we agree that the London style is a good first choice. Just make sure you see all the styles in the demo.

Our justifications for this choice are similar to our reason for selecting the Startup theme above – it’s simple, clean, and modern without being stuffy. And yes, the integrated Instagram feed is a must-have these days for anyone focused on visuals.

Responsive London Shopify Theme by Our of the Sandbox for Art and Images

Canopy Kiln Theme by Clean Themes

The Canopy theme by Clean Themes rounds out our favorite Art and Artists themes this week. This theme has three styles, including Elda, Thread, and Kiln. The Elda style of this popular theme has been highlighted on the Shopify “Trending” list recently, but we are fans of the Kiln style – especially for art and artists. 

Yes, it’s modern, responsive, and has a nice Instagram feed. But more than that, as you scroll through the demo site it feels a little like you are paging through an art catalog for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s artistic and sophisticated at the same time. To our eye, the native styles favor physical crafts. But – like all the themes on this list – a few tweaks here and there and it’s easily adapted to lots of applications.

Canopy Kiln Shopify Theme by Clean Themes for Craft and Visual Products

More Themes To Come

One of the great things about the Shopify Community and Ecosystem is that new ideas and themes come up all the time. If you have a favorite theme that lends itself to the creative arts, let us know in the comments below.

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