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Leotard.com | Tuesday Tweaks

This Shopify merchant has an AMAZING domain ... they have great images ... they have great videos ... they have great products. But if you make a customer leave your shopping cart for any reason and if you make your return policy and terms and conditions scary and intimidating, well, you need to do it differently. We're going to fix it and help this Shopify eCommerce site get even better conversions.

Here’s an overview of the topics discussed in this week’s video.

Things Leotards.com does great that you can do too:

  • GREAT domain – serious, it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Solid use of video of their products in action.
  • Good use of images – their products are super-visual, so this is super-important

Our recommendations:

  • One of the THREE email subscription methods is hijacking the site and interrupts the experience.
  • The special promo text at the top is nearly invisible.
  • We recommend de-emphasizing the sizing chart – it’s taking up valuable real estate in position #1. Instead, force positive size selection and the sizing problems will likely be reduced a LOT.
  • Image SEO, Image SEO, Image SEO … seems like I am preaching this every week.
  • The terms and conditions and returns/exchanges info is hard to find, too long, and filled with unfriendly – and unnecessary – legalese. Make it short, sweet, and hard to beat and add related risk-reversal badges to the product pages and checkout.

If you need help with any of these things, the developers at TaskHusky do this kind of stuff all the time.

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