Professional Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Advice – Announcing eCommerce Coffee Talk

Professional Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Advice – Announcing eCommerce Coffee Talk

Technical Development and Coding Are Easy … Marketing is Hard.

Let me explain.

We do tons of development tasks for eCommerce business. The staff at TaskHusky is really, really good at it. They have high levels of technical experience and skill coupled with an in-depth knowledge of technology that can years to master.

But the whole purpose of technology is make an exceptionally precise set of instructions that computers can follow to deliver a desired result. Once you get those instructions right, with a little tweaking and maintenance those computers will do the same thing over and over again … theoretically forever.

Modern marketing sits at the intersection of technology, creativity, and social science. It’s always moving and always changing. What worked last month may not work now as human attention gets pulled and tugged by hot topics and shiny objects. Sure, there are sound, battle-tested principles that we follow, but as with all things involving creativity and human behavior in general – anything can happen (and likely will at some point).

We got your back Join us for eCommerce Coffee Talk.

Don't Worry About eCommerce Marketing on Shopify and BogCommerce - Join eCommerce Coffee Talk

What is eCommerce Coffee Talk?

eCommerce Coffee Talk will be an online marketing meeting with an open, Q&A format for all subscribers of our TaskHusky Personal Developer plan. Twice per month, we’ll gather together online to talk about:

  • How to get customer attention … and keep it.
  • Guerilla marketing practices that you can do … for free.
  • How to get started with marketing your online store.
  • The latest Shopify and BigCommerce news and why it matters to your sales.
  • How to compete against the big online retail behemoths.
  • What are the best apps and tools to take your marketing to the next level?
  • How to find great blog and social media topics.
  • And anything else that comes up because you get to ask the questions.

Rock Your Marketing World in 2018

Everyone is looking for a great ROI. eCommerce Coffee Talk is free. So, this might be the best investment of your time ever … and it could transform how you get new customers and the way you do business.

You'll have the opportunity to send us questions in advance via email or chat them to us on the fly during the online meeting if you want. Or you can just listen in for tips and pointers. It’s like a live podcast of friendly eCommerce awesomeness.

Oh … and during each eCommerce Coffee Talk, I'll be drinking coffee. I suggest that you have the beverage of your choice handy as well because proper hydration – and caffeination – are an important part of success.

If you're already a subscriber, you're all set. Keep an eye on your email for updates and reminders. If you're not on the Personal Developer plan yet, that's OK. It's not too late. Sign up now and you’ll not only get unlimited TaskHusky development tasks, but you'll also get things like FREE domain registration, FREE email accounts, FREE monthly website audits, and a private Facebook help group. It's a great deal and a great way to bring continuous improvement, predictable pricing, and a lot of growth potential to your online shop. You can cancel anytime too, so there's little risk.

So, welcome to 2018! It’s time to get to work, and marketing is what needs to be done. Subscribe to the Personal Developer plan, get your beverage, and join the conversation.

See you online!

See the eCommerce Developer Deal

(PS - eCommerce Coffee Talk starts Thursday, January 18th at 10:00 AM CST.)

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