Shopify Teardown -

Shopify Teardown -

One of the best things about is their name and domain. Their business model IS their name. The curate and market clothes for men of average height and below. They proudly state that “We are not clothing designers. We are problem solvers.” Founder Elie Robinson and his partners – Greg Grinman and Johnathan Glaubach – focus like a laser on a target range of clothing sizes. It is that focus that give them the marketing niche every online store craves. They tailor (pun intended) their content and advertising accordingly, and it works. They even have a video podcast. Good on them.

The Shopify Theme That They Use

Even though Under510 sells a lot of clothes, they are super smart about it. That means they looked hard until they found a standard premium Shopify theme that would work well, then did just a few tweaks and customizations to make it their own. This is the perfect balance of value and customization. The base theme they use was designed by our friends at Maestroo specifically for fashion and accessory brands – the Prestige Theme.

What They Do Well

If you look at their main menu tree they have created a category called “Shop By Height.” This is brilliant. Not only does it make shopping for clothes easier for men (needed!), but it is intuitive and can filter out the disappointment of finding something you like only to click in to discover that it is not available in your size.

Love the overall brand focus across the board. They obviously understand their market. But make sure to check out the quibbles to their social strategies and needed improvements … they need to invest a bit more energy and time I think.

What Needs to Be Improved

That cool “Shop By Height” category I mentioned in the previous section? It’s buried under a heading called “Sizing.” Make these 2 separate Main Menu items. I might even put it first, before things like “Bottoms” and “Tops.”

Also on that “Shop By Height” page … note how the header image at top has a range of heights and images in it? Make each image clickable. As you scroll down you have some great profiles of each height with a Shop CTA. Let customers click the size in the image and either go to the bookmarked profile below or – even better – immediate Shop that height.

On the product pages the color selector causes an entire page refresh. Try it for yourself on this page. When you go from black to blue, the entire page has to reload. Modern version of sites and themes support the change of only some content on that page making for a better user experience and lower bandwidth usage.

On that product mentioned above, I went through the checkout process. On the product page it is listed for $60. In the cart is is shown on sale in red text for $50. Then in the Shopping Cart it goes back to $60. There is something broken in your code dudes. That should not occur and be handled automatically.

On the home page you have a listing og “Bundles.” Bundles are good. But a text listing like that rarely works on new customers. Don’t cheap out or get lazy … do a bundles section with images. Better yet, make a bundles category page and management them there.

The Shopify Apps They Use

We used our top-secret Shopify scanning tools to determine that this site is using the following apps and plugins:

That’s not too many apps, so good on them. But I can see at LEAST 4 different content deliver networks (CDNs) referenced in the code. Um … why? I see Facebook CDN, CloudFlare (industry standard), Microsoft Ajax CDN (old school!), and UNPKG. Is it possible they need all 4? Sure. Is it likely that they need all 4, nope. There are likely some old service calls that are just out there still calling into the internet ether for no reason at all. Should be looked at.

Marketing Stuff They Do

Their social media work spans the full range of old-school platforms. They have Facebook, Twitter (not getting used at all), Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn (starting to get neglected).

So, first thing to mention is that social media is like the Jedi arts … do, or do not, there is no try. If you are not going to post on Twitter for years then delete the account. But how hard is it to post on Twitter once per day? Same for LinkedIn, right?

They are actively running social and search ads and – as is our practice – here are 3 samples of each for your inspiration.

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