Two Special Black Friday Offers for eCommerce Store OWNERS (about time, right?)

Two Special Black Friday Offers for eCommerce Store OWNERS (about time, right?)

Black Friday Deals … They’re Not Just for Shoppers Anymore

Here at TaskHusky world headquarters we have been busier than ever helping eCommerce store owners ramp up for the holidays with apps and marketing and tweaks galore. In a way, we’re just like Santa’s workshop. Except instead of elves we have an office filled with eCommerce developer specialists and instead of reindeer we have Oreo wearing a red ball on her nose – and looking darn cute doing it, we might add.

Well, this is it. The big week is here and we are all getting ready for what we hope will be the biggest holiday shopping season yet for all of us. And because we think that you – the greatest online stores in the world – should not be left out of the fun, we have created a few special Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for you too.

All TaskHusky Subscriptions – 25% off … for life!

One of the big changes we made a few weeks ago was the total revamp of our subscription plan. We are always trying to tweak it so that store owners and agencies can get as much value as possible. Now that it’s ready to go, it’s time to let you know about it with a special, limited time offer. But first, let’s talk about how our subscriptions work.

You subscribe … that’s it. Easy-peasy. You get:

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Tasks of any size
  • Unlimited revisions
  • One task at a time
  • A dedicated developer (work with the same person)
  • Predictable costs (no surprises)
  • Your site is ALWAYS up to date with all the tweaks and mods your heart desires
  • Cancel any time

You can enjoy 25% off of your TaskHusky subscription forever. Really. The special starts on Thanksgiving Day and runs through midnight on Cyber Monday, November 27, 2017. But you have to start your subscription by clicking this link and use the promo code: BF1725OFF

Give Yourself an eCommerce Gift Card (with a 25% bonus!)

TaskHusky subscriptions ROCK! But if you’d still rather pay as you go, Santa Oreo – our mascot and Director of Treats – has a special treat for you too. You can get a 25% bonus on your upcoming website tasks or projects.

We totally get it … you might not want to do a new project right now since you are ramping up for the holidays. That’s totally fine, because we found a way for you to fund your next task – in advance – so that you can take advantage of all the holiday good cheer. You can prepay and get a 25% bonus.

Here’s how it works: Deposit $100 into your TaskHusky account, and we’ll credit you $125. Deposit $200, and you get $250 worth of work when you’re ready. Deposit $1000 now, and you’ll have $1250 in development credit waiting for you when you want to get that big project done after the holidays. 

There's no limit. Deposit whatever you want now and get and extra 25% bump up in value. Cool, right? 

To get the bonus you HAVE TO USE THIS LINK. Then sign in or create your new TaskHusky account and save a bunch of credits. It’s kind of the eCommerce equivalent of squirrels storing acorns. Or not … you might not like squirrels. And squirrels don’t get “bonus acorns.” But you get the idea.

Importantly, just like with the subscription offer, you can only get the 25% Task bonus through midnight on Cyber Monday – November 27, 2017.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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