TaskHusky at IRCE 2018

TaskHusky at IRCE 2018

Zach and the Blues Brothers Crew in the TaskHusky Booth at IRCE 2018 Representing Shopify and BigCommerce Development

[Above: Zach and the Blues Brothers crew representing professional Shopify and BigCommerce task development by TaskHusky at IRCE 2018]

TaskHusky On A Mission At IRCE 2018

In our mission to bring great small task development services to the universe of Shopify and BigCommerce stores of the world, last week we went to IRCE – the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibit tradeshow. It … was … a … blast! We met up with existing partners and made some brand new friends – theme creators, app developers, and digital agencies who have customers that need a little help now and then. And a lot of individual Shopify and BigCommerce merchants stopped by to chat too.

The tradeshow estimates that 6500 people attended the three-day event. And there were hundreds of booths. Shopify came BIG and put on a great show with a starship-themed booth for ShopifyPlus complete with special effects. BigCommerce was there too and even put on their own side-event called the Growth Summit – we stopped by for a visit there too.

Shopify ShopifyPlus Starship Booth at IRCE 2018 from their Twitter Post

[Above: ShopifyPlus had a huge "Starship" booth at IRCE this year]

Representing Pro Development Services at IRCE

We’ve gone to a lot of Shopify events and we also attended the BigCommerce Growth Summit, but this was our first time attending and exhibiting at a big, international eCommerce event like IRCE. And as you can see, we made sure that everyone had a great time. We had the Blues Brothers in our booth – hey … it’s Chicago! They were there to make sure that everyone who wanted to got a great, memorable selfie. Everyone got a pair of our awesome TaskHusky sunglasses to take home while we introduced them to who we are and what we do.

TaskHusky IRCE eCommerce Show Exhibiton Blues Brothers Sunglasses Table

[Above: Our TaskHusky table with those Oh-So-Bluesy sunglasses]

And that was really interesting too.

We told everyone that TaskHusky makes eCommerce problems go away. We fix the issues and make the website tweaks that agencies and big developers don’t want to do … and that’s why everyone loves us. It’s a special niche, and we fill it professionally with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What made that so interesting to me is how people embraced that simple message and commented back to us. So, without further ado, here are:

The Top Ten Comments Made About TaskHusky at IRCE 2018

“Oh I get it … you didn’t build the house, but you’ll come and fix my fence.”

Yep. We’ll even install the fence if you want.

“You’re like the Uber for Shopify!”

Never thought of it that way, but sure. Start a task when you need us, we’ll leave you alone when you don’t. But all of our developers are full-time with us.

“Sounds like personal tech support.”

Right. But only for Shopify and BigCommerce stores. Specializing on platforms keeps us efficient and costs low.

“Unlimited revisions and no contract? Sounds too good to be true.”

We hear that a lot. But it’s true. The task isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

“I want new header images and specials formatted and installed every week … I could just set that up as tasks and you’ll do it?”

Sure … love to help.

“You’re like a website handyman.”

Exactly … but we work over the magical internet and don’t get to wear those cool toolbelts.

“Theme updates always break stuff … you fix that?”

All the time. It’s one of the most common tasks we do.

“You guys have the best booth at IRCE.”

The customer’s always right. But our service is even better.  :-)

“That’s way cheaper than the agency.”

They’re not set up to handle small tasks. We stay in our lane. That’s why agencies and development shops love us and send us customers.

“I need you!”

Yes … yes you do.  ;-)

Bringing Our Shopify and BigCommerce Message to the People

Things worked out so well that we are going to try to outdo ourselves at IRCE again next year.

If you got your photo taken with the Blues Brothers in our booth this year, you can look at all the photos – and download yours – on this special IRCE gallery page:

If you are a digital agency, theme creator, or app developer and want to talk about how partnerships with TaskHusky work, check out our Partners Page:

If you are the owner or admin of a Shopify or BigCommerce store and want to get a task done, just start a task and we’ll get‘er done.

Thanks for reading!

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