The Ultimate Shopify BFCM Resource List

The Ultimate Shopify BFCM Resource List

OK, saying “ultimate” sounds super click-baity. But what the heck. Let’s be helpful … starting with:

Four Holiday Promos for Shopify that Sell and Won’t Damage Your Brand

We wrote this article four years ago. But you know what? It’s as valid today as it was then. The idea is that discounting alone is a bit lazy. Strategic value-building is better, protects your profits, and doesn’t lower customer perceived product values when it comes time to buy from you again.

The eCommerce Retailer’s Guide to Driving Online Sales — by Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the most popular apps for marketing optimization in the Shopify universe. You see their apps listed again and again in this newsletter. So, it’s worth taking a look at what they think about the topic.

The Shopify Merchant’s Guide to Holiday Engagement – by Pixel Union

Pixel Union is one of the most popular makers of Shopify themes. We have reviewed more than a hundred stores using one of their themes. And they are respected in the Shopify community. They created this e-book on generating holiday engagement, so they probs know what they are talking about.

An Email Marketing Crash Course for Black Friday / Cyber Monday eCommerce

This is another blast from the past. But your email list is you goose that lays the gold. Each year we get Shopify merchants telling us they reuse this article to get their head in the holiday email game.

eCommerce Holiday Planning — by Shopify

Shopify keeps a collection of holiday planning articles on one page. This is that page. Dive in and feel the Shopify holiday love.

Let’s do one more.

Get Your Shopify Theme and Store Ready for the Holidays — by Out Of The Sandbox

Out of the Sandbox is another major theme developer for Shopify. So, if you are looking to tweak your site for the holidays — whether it is on one of their themes or not — they give some good advice here.

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