This Time It’s Personal

This Time It’s Personal

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We spend a lot of time on the TaskHusky blog talking about creating the perfect product images or describing a magical unboxing experience. We share our fun trips to conferences, like out time at Shopify Unite 2018 and the recent one to IRCE 2018.

But today, we’re going to be a little different ... we are going to get really personal and share our inspiration.

Things We Care About … A Lot

The moment you visit the TaskHusky website, you likely get the impression we are crazy dog people. From our logo to our About Us page, our passion and affection for man’s best friend are pretty obvious. There are more dog toys and tennis balls scattered around the house then there are pictures on the walls. They’re everywhere. Oreo (the husky) and Dagwood (her brother and best friend) are the rulers of this castle and they know it.

In short, they are what inspires us at TaskHusky. Your developer should be like a good dog – always available and happy to help.

Oreo and Dagwood are more than just dogs to us. And they are more than “just” a part of our brand. They are members of our family and as far as we’re concerned, they are the ultimate best friends. They are always there when you need them and they don’t demand much back (other than lots of belly rubs). It’s no surprise that – when dealing with some of the toughest situations in life – we rely on them to have our backs. From seeing-eye dogs to emotional support and from search and rescue to K9 units, they’re the extra support we need.

For Me, It’s More Than Personal

When I was 15, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and a year later my Mom was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. Unfortunately, we lost them both within months. It was the hardest time of my life. But, there was a dog named Maggie. She was there for every tear, every heartbreak, and always there to listen. That bond and love are a big part of what made me a crazy dog person.

Fast forward a couple years and Oreo came into my life as a pup. As you know if you have a dog, you can’t just have one dog, they need a friend. One day browsing through the SPCA of Southwest Michigan website, I came across Dagwood. He was a five-year-old Shepherd-Lab mix. I fell in love with him, but I wasn’t able to bring him home at the time. A long six months crept by and he was still there. Being an older dog and an energetic 100 lbs, people passed him by. Like so many other older dogs, he wasn’t the ideal “adoption” candidate. Finally, one day I went down to see him again and he ended up coming home with me. He’s been with us for five years now.

Oreo TaskHusky and Dagwood Dog Collar Charity Awesome

Just like Maggie all those years ago, Oreo and Dagwood are there for all my ups and downs. And that’s why we have supported the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals of Southwest Michigan (SPCASW), and other charitable organizations over the years.

At the Intersection of Life, Work, and Love – Cause Collars

What started as an idea to test the real-world eCommerce strategies and techniques we recommend to our customers and readers has blossomed into something a lot more. It’s also become a way for us to share our unbridled love of dogs and passionate to support them.

Today - July 13th - is Oreo's birthday. Which makes it the PERFECT day to launch the new Buttwaggers line of beautifully designed dog collars & leashes on It’s the perfect compilation of everything we care about … and you can be a big part of that too.

Each one will have a custom design that supports and promotes awareness.. And the best part is that we’ll be donating 10% of each sale to reputable organizations.


We are super-excited about the launch of this project and the positive impact it can have. We hope you will join us and other pet-lovers in supporting these great organizations.

See the Goods Great Dog Collars for Charity and the Cause

We’d love to tell you more about it or answer any questions. Feel free to reach out to oreo@taskhusky.comand let us know. Thanks for reading!

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