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Tuesday Tweaks is where we do a 10-minute website review of Shopify eCommerce websites to help merchants accomplish their goals. It’s completely FREE and the goal is to help them – and the entire Shopify community – get better and be more successful.

This week we are reviewing – makers of cool workout gear that has special pockets to hold your smartphone so it won’t pop out while you are exercising. The product was launched via a successful Kickstarter program and – we have to say – the product looks great.

Here’s an overview of the topics discussed in this week’s video.

Things does great that you can do too:

  • Solid design a good use of a theme by Pixel Union.
  • Great email sign-up process and function.
  • Great use of video for both product demo and lifestyle demo.
  • Payment options work.
  • Pricing is competitive.

Our recommendations:

  • Use Risk Reversal – make customers feel better about the sale to lower sales resistance.
  • Wasted marketing firepower #1 – Product Descriptions
  • Wasted marketing firepower #2 – Image ALT tags
  • Update shipping policy – make text bigger.

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