Unlimited eCommerce Development AND Graphic Design - a Powerful 1-2 Punch for Business Success

Unlimited eCommerce Development AND Graphic Design - a Powerful 1-2 Punch for Business Success

If you run an eCommerce site, you need two things all the time – website adjustment tweaks and eCommerce graphics. And you need them a lot.

When it comes to eCommerce development help, new technical needs come up every day. Themes require regular updates, new apps need to be installed, tracking pixels for Facebook and ad retargeting campaigns need to be generated, new buy and call-to-action buttons need to be created, and million other little things that pop-up out of nowhere.

And it’s shocking how important graphic design is to growing your business. When you are first starting out in eCommerce, you kind of expect that there will be a lot of design things to do at the beginning – choosing a theme for your Shopify or BigCommerce store, getting your first product images, creating a logo, etc. But once your business is up and running you soon realize that this is an ongoing task. That’s because you will always be adding new products to your site and modern eCommerce marketing is HIGHLY visual. You’ll need things like new hero images, sale and promo banners, Facebook ads, social media posts, and new trust badges to keep the orders coming.

That’s just the way it is.

Getting More than “Unlimited”

In Q4 of last year we launched an Unlimited Development subscription for Shopify and BigCommerce stores. We wanted to deliver an affordable way for online merchants to get more development done at a great value. It’s been great – and subscribing has been a real no-brainer because the service is great and being able to get high-quality small task development and website maintenance at a high-value, predictable cost is a winning proposition.

And that got us thinking …. Our customers love this, so how do we deliver even more value?

We are very excited to announce that we've added Unlimited Graphic Design to the Unlimited Development subscriptionfor same great price. This allows our customers to maximize the value of their TaskHusky subscription. Just keep your queue filled with all of the graphics and development tasks you want. You pick what’s done next, and you can manage all of your tasks through our account management portal online.

It’s pretty slick.

There’s ALWAYS a Catch …. Except This Time

There are no tricks or annoying surprises. Just a few basic rules:

  1. Each task request has to be simple and easy to explain without a bunch of moving parts. This means that large tasks like theme upgrades, website teardowns, and complicated logo designs aren’t included in the subscription service. We’re happy to help with those tasks, but they are handled separately.
  2. The tasks in your subscription queue have to be "single" tasks. For example, if you have three header images and want them all updated, that’s three graphic design tasks. Makes sense, right?
  3. Only one request is active at a time. Additional tasks will be stored in queue and worked in whatever order you want. You're always in control.

Unlimited Graphic Design and eCommerce Development for Shopify and BigCommerce Websites from TaskHusky

Entrepreneurial Success Kit

Got an idea for a new Facebook ad campaign? Jot down your ideas as a task in your task queue and attach a sample if you want to help us get started.

Get inspired late at night with a new promotion idea that you want to launch? Describe all the details and move that task to the top of the list – we’ll work on that banner ad next.

Did you read about the latest Shopify app to boost conversions? Get that on the list and our development team will help you get it installed.

Remember, we’ll do tasks one at a time in any order you want. And since you can launch your tasks any time, from anywhere, you can get our team working on it – even in your pajamas after midnight on Sunday (normal turn-around times apply). This means a TaskHusky subscription is PERFECT for the busy entrepreneur. It’s like an online entrepreneurial project management success kit at a low, fixed monthly rate.

And you can cancel at any time … really. eCommerce businesses can get a subscription and work through their dream task list and then stop whenever they want. But the value is so incredibly high, it probably makes sense just to keep it going to keep your products, website, and apps fresh and selling well.

It’s the no-brainer of no-brainers.

Get all the details and sign up for the Unlimited Development + Graphic Design subscription by clicking this link. Seriously … you’re going to love this plan!


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