What is a Shopify Small Task and Why You Should Care

What is a Shopify Small Task and Why You Should Care

Shopify eCommerce stores are designed to be as easy as possible to manage day-to-day. Shopify and the great community of theme developers do a really good job with this. But sometimes tweaks, installs, theme upgrades, and apps get done better and faster with experienced hands doing the work. And while larger established eCommerce businesses might have a Shopify developer on call and have four and five-figure budgets to get these things done, most eCommerce stores – small businesses and those just starting out – just don’t have those kinds of resources.

That’s where Shopify Small Tasks were created.

TaskHusky has helped thousands of stores get these kinds of things done. But since we also do larger Shopify tasks and projects, we still get asked about the difference between a normal Shopify project or task and a Shopify Small Task. We created this post to provide the answer.

What’s the Difference Between a Shopify Small Task and a Regular Shopify Task?

Obviously, “small” is in the eyes of the beholder. But we came up with a rule of thumb. Generally speaking, a Shopify Small Tasks is a single tasks that one of our expert Shopify developers can complete quickly. In most cases this includes things like: 

  • Shopify app install
  • Setting Facebook tracking pixels
  • Basic theme tweaks / customization
  • Setting up a domain
  • Setting up Google Adwords
  • Basic eCommerce Image Editing
  • Navigation menu changes
  • Conversion pixels
  • Custom font install
  • And more

The most important thing to remember is that a Shopify Small Task is a single, defined task. If your task is more complicated or requires several steps, a TaskHusky normal task might be a better fit for you. But you can always get several Shopify Small Tasks separately if you need more than one qualifying task done.

But don’t worry! If you start a Shopify task with us, you’ll get an estimate no matter what before we get started. There won’t be any surprises.

Why Use Shopify Small Tasks?

There are five main reasons why Shopify eCommerce store owners love our Shopify Small Tasks.

The Task Gets Done

The first major benefit is that those small, often annoying tasks actually get done. There is an old parable of the cobbler whose children have no shoes. The point of the story is that the cobbler is so busy making shoes for other folks that he never has time to make shoes for his kids.

Running an online business takes time and effort. When you need something done on your eCommerce site, reading all the help files and documentation and then doing the technical stuff too is often time you just don’t have. So the little things that can improve the performance of your website might wait. Our Shopify Small Tasks get them done while you do other important things.

It Gets Done Fast

If your theme is due for an update, it could take you hours. Our developers do this stuff every single day. They know exactly where to look and how to get it done fast.

Less Interruption

Even a technically-minded shop owner can get in over their head now and then. The problem is that your Shopify eCommerce site is a business. And if your site is down for maintenance or a change you make breaks something, it can cost you sales. Professional developers mean that you have little or no downtime and sales keep happening.

It Gets Done Well

Like everything else in life, if you do something lot you get good at it, make fewer mistakes, and avoid errors that cost money. Our professional developers live and breathe this stuff.

It’s Affordable

Shopify Small Tasks are designed to help entrepreneurs by being high quality, fast, and affordable. At TaskHusky, you’ll be able to get your qualifying Shopify Small Task done for less than you might spend on coffee each week.

If you have a nagging project on your Shopify eCommerce site that you need to get done, just click Start a Task and tell us what you need. We’ll let you know if it’s a Shopify Small Task or something a little more complicated and there is never any obligation.

Thanks for reading!

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