Your Website Could Be Working Against You [FREE report]

Your Website Could Be Working Against You [FREE report]

Your Website Could Be Working Against You [FREE report]

Online businesses just like you spend tons of cash on advertising and marketing to get customers to come to their website. Most of the time, they’re just wasting their money.

If your website visitors are not converting into customers, the first things to look at are:

  • Keyword SEO – Keyword SEO not only gets you more visitors, it also gets you the “right” visitors in your target market.
  • Usability – If you site is clunky or hard to use, you shouldn’t be surprised if customers don’t use it.
  • Performance – The #1 reason consumers bounce off a site or abandon a product page is because of slow loading images, pages, and code.
  • Social Media – Do you do a good job of using social media to generate traffic and links?
  • Security – These days, EVERYONE is concerned about privacy and security. If your site is sending out the wrong signals, customers might be running away as fast as they can.

These are the basics. But how do you know if your site is having a problem? It’s easy.

Getting started with the basics of eCommerce website performance doesn’t have to be complicated. That why we’ve created a FREE reporting tool that will scan your online store and tell you what you need to do first. We want EVERY eCommerce website to be secure and perform, so there is no cost or obligation to get your FREE custom report.

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