Share the Love and Share the Revenue

Becoming a TaskHusky Affiliate is super easy. You sign up for an affiliate account, you refer customers to us, you get paid. It’s really that easy.

When you refer someone to TaskHusky, they will be associated with your Affiliate Account. The very next time that customer works with us – whether it’s next week or six months later – you’ll get credit. And no matter how large or small the project, you’ll receive 10% of the gross amount that they pay us for that project for life.

We’ll let you know when one of your referrals completes a task with us and pays their bill. Ninety days later, it’s your choice – on the first of the next month we will either apply your earned commission to your TaskHusky account or send it to you via PayPal.

We Are Dedicated to Customer Happiness

Every customer gets the same great service and we will go to any reasonable length to make them happy. This means that you can refer your friends and customers to us with confidence. And because we ONLY work on eCommerce websites built on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms, we can focus on delivering great value.

Your referrals will be happy, and so will you … it’s as simple as that.

Sign up now and see how easy it is to get started.