TaskHusky is all about creating value – saving online merchants time and money by doing professional development tasks for you at a great price. And we want you to have more ways to get the value and service you need, when you need it. So we have created TaskHusky ProTask Upgrades so that you can customize the level of service we deliver to you.

Task Update Protection

Everything is always changing in technology. The development task done today can be impacted by a theme update tomorrow. With our Task Update Protection, if your development task is broken or doesn’t display properly after a theme update, our developers will fix it at no extra charge for one year.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our Dedicated Project manager upgrade gives you a person point of contact who will coordinate all the moving pieces and keep your task on track for you. And you will have additional lines of communication because project managers can be available via email, phone, skype, and more – whatever it takes to ensure your task is done the way you want it.

Dedicated Quality Assurance

It’s like getting an extra set of eyes and hands. Once your task BETA has been completed, this upgrade passes the completed task to another TaskHusky Team member who will do a Quality Assurance check on browsers and mobile devices to verify usability, performance, and appearance – saving you time.

Extended Validation

This upgrade doubles the amount of time you have for validation and approval of your task to 14 days, allowing you extra time to make sure everything’s just the way you want it.

FastTask Priority Completion

Sometimes you need it yesterday. And while we can’t roll-back time, this upgrade will get the BETA versions of your task done in half the normal time.