10-Minute Teardown of HeySilkySkin.com

Company Profile

HeySilkySkin is a single-product website focused on a private, at-home laser hair removal device. They have a great overall page ranking with enough traffic to rank them as the ~108k most popular visited site on the internet and the 814th most popular website on the Shopify platform. That is a strong number. Here is their 10-minute website teardown.

The Good

  • Incredible on-brand and on-product focus.
  • Zero distractions, no confusing menus, and a clear call-to-action.
  • Wide range of payment options displayed everywhere … in the side menu, on the product page, and during checkout.
  • Prolific use of graphic trust badges to achieve solid risk reversal.
  • These guys take social proof to the next level by encouraging all the “beautiful people” to post photos of themselves shaving … um, stuff. But it works.

The Bad

Poor use of ALT tags that not only hurt SEO but are not ADA compliant (lawyers LOVE to sue … it’s what they do).

The Ugly

Page Speed is TERRIBLE. This is costing them a lot of business and they might not even know it. On desktops, the site takes 4x longer than Best Practices and 3x longer above the cost-threshold. The site is not complicated and has relatively few images, so that’s not it. Nine requests simply failed to execute.

All the things slowing the site down are fixable through proper formatting and relatively minor code tweaks (we do fixes like that all the time for Shopify sites) so there is no excuse. On mobile views, the numbers are even worse.

We Fix things Like This All the Time
If you need help making Shopify website tweaks or fixing those little nagging things on your Shopify store, let’s get stuff done. Tell us what you want to do, get a quote, and get it done.

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