Company Profile

HeySilkySkin is a single-product website focused on a private, at-home laser hair removal device. They have a great overall page ranking with enough traffic to rank them as the ~108k most popular visited site on the internet and the 814th most popular website on the Shopify platform. That is a strong number. Here is their 10-minute website teardown.

The Good

  • Incredible on-brand and on-product focus.
  • Zero distractions, no confusing menus, and a clear call-to-action.
  • Wide range of payment options displayed everywhere … in the side menu, on the product page, and during checkout.
  • Prolific use of graphic trust badges to achieve solid risk reversal.
  • These guys take social proof to the next level by encouraging all the “beautiful people” to post photos of themselves shaving … um, stuff. But it works.

The Bad

Poor use of ALT tags that not only hurt SEO but are not ADA compliant (lawyers LOVE to sue … it’s what they do).

The Ugly

Page Speed is TERRIBLE. This is costing them a lot of business and they might not even know it. On desktops, the site takes 4x longer than Best Practices and 3x longer above the cost-threshold. The site is not complicated and has relatively few images, so that’s not it. Nine requests simply failed to execute.

All the things slowing the site down are fixable through proper formatting and relatively minor code tweaks (we do fixes like that all the time for Shopify sites) so there is no excuse. On mobile views, the numbers are even worse.

We Fix things Like This All the Time
If you need help making Shopify website tweaks or fixing those little nagging things on your Shopify store, let’s get stuff done. Tell us what you want to do, get a quote, and get it done.

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Does "Size" matter?

Everyone talks about “size” as if that’s the most important thing ... about how one is bigger than another. But tons of folks get great results and raving fans by focusing on quality and technique.

The reality is that no one cares how big it is. Let’s talk about the quality of your email list.

If you aren’t working to grow a high-quality email list as part of your long-term marketing strategy you’re missing out. For a lot of established eCommerce businesses, email marketing can account for up to 30% of total revenue … even more during the holidays.

Want to learn more about using s small e-mail list to win big? Our friends at Privy put together a master-class video series with Ezra Firestone that teaches everything you need to know about email list quality and marketing techniques to succeed. You should check it out.

Below you will find this week’s top stories and there are some great ones this week.

Happy Selling,


Do Website Stuff Now

If you need help making Shopify website tweaks or fixing those little nagging things on your Shopify store, let’s get stuff done. Tell us what you want to do, get a quote, and get it done.

Top Shopify Stories of the Week

Protect Your Shopify Brand From The Dark Web

Remember when Darth Vader said, “You Don’t Know the POWER of the Dark Web!” Well … that’s what he was supposed to say but James Earl Jones muffed his lines and they just left it the other way. But the risks of the Dark Web are real and merchants are usually the ones who pay the price in customer service complaints and chargebacks. It sucks. This article on eCommerceFastlane helps it suck less.

Why Small Businesses Should Start Marketing on Day One

Lots of business start-ups think that the first thing to worry about is product. Wrong! Believe it or not, marketing is your first priority … before products, before website, before price, before everything else. MailChimp wrote up a nice mini e-book to talk about it and you should take a look.

Start prepping your Shopify store now for a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Have you ever heard the expression “Christmas in July?” Sure you have! If you look at your calendar, you’ll see that today is the last day of June. And that means July starts tomorrow. Sure, you could stick your =head in the internet sand and forget out that, but you could also make your life easier and more profitable by starting your t=preparation now.

Google expands free retail listings into search as pandemic hits ad sales

“I feel sorry for Facebook and Google because ad revenue is way down right now,” said no one ever. But it is a GREAT time to spend a few bucks online if you have them. And it is also a good time to snap some free premium offerings from Google.

Rethinking the Batch-and-Blast

Every single email does not have to go to every single person on your list. That what list segmenting is for. Our partners at Klaviyo have a tidy article on email segmentation that will talk you through some of the basics.



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Shopify + Facebook Shops

So, remember last week’s edition of your favorite newsletter — this one, duh — when we told you about Shopify changing their annual conference from in-person Shopify Unite conference to an online version called Shopify (re)Unite. Well, last Wednesday (May 20th) the Shopify folks pulled it off.

Was it cool? Sure. Is there stuff you should know about? Absolutely. Am I going to write about it in this week’s email? What do you think?

Here are a bunch of links to stuff you need to know about Shopify (re)Unite and a couple of bonus eCommerce stories because I like to give give give. So, let’s get to the giving!

Happy Selling,

Top Shopify Stories of the Week

Must See Shopify TV

What’s that you say? You missed the Shopify (re)Unite Live Stream last Wednesday! Well we have to see what we can do about that. Fortunately, Shopify has uploaded the Live Stream to YouTube. So, this evening when you have finished the last episode of Tiger King and baked one more loaf of sourdough bread, you can fire up your video device of choice and spend three blissful hours in Shopify paradise. Check it out.

Putting a New Face on Your Facebook

One of the coolest surprises announced last week was a partnership between Shopify and Facebook to let Shopify merchants deploy custom storefronts directly to Facebook Shops. And yes, they appear on both Facebook and Instagram. If you have a consumer product, this is a freak’in no-brainer. Read all about it.

Complete (re)Unite (re)Cap

If you don’t have time to slog your way through nearly three hours of recorded Shopify festivities, don’t worry! Shopify (re)Wrote a handy summary blog post that (re)Views all of the top news, announcements, and product (re)Leases for you to (re)Read at your own pace. There are even helpful bookmarks and crosslinks.

Tobi Makes a Star Wars Joke

Tobias Lütke — Shopify’s CEO — was being interviewed by about the surge is eCommerce sales on the platform and said, “Amazon is trying to build an empire, and we’re an army of rebels.” Sounds like SOMEONE has been reading this newsletter … Hi Tobi!

The interview is actually pretty good and you can read it here.

Shipping, Shipping, Shipping

Shipping … the bane of every eCommerce merchant. The evils of shipping are many — costs, labeling, unrealistic customer expectations, and porch pirates are just a few of them. So whenever we find an article that might be helpful we try to bring you the info. ShipperHQ wrote up a nice little piece about offering free shipping, why it adds value, and some advice on how to do it.

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Welcome to Dreamy Emails

Sometimes technology is super-cool. Sometimes technology is super-helpful. Sometimes technology just kind of blows your mind. Augmented Reality (AR) kind of blows my mind. It's a middle ground between the Matrix and real-life where computers and cameras blur the lines.

Shopify just wrote about a cool new app that lets people place your products on tables and counters virtually. It’s kind of cool and crazy at the same time and it’s called and you gotta see it for yourself.

A link to the story is below along with the rest of this week’s eCommerce stories.

Happy Selling,

Top Shopify Stories of the Week

Welcome to Dreamy Emails

Have you ever heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Sure you have. And since it is hard to get email registrations these days — REALLY hard — your welcome email or email series deserves a little TLC. Here is that TLC. Check it out.

File This Under "Tech Is Getting Creepy-Cool"

Look … you might want to use this on the mobile version of your store, or not. Hey, we don’t judge. But you will NOT deny that this is super-cool AR that makes you WANT to spend money. Meet the special Augmented Reality app Take a look and gasp in awe.

Wonder Shops Unite-ish!

We’ve gone to the annual Shopify Unite Conference a few times. It’s cool, you see coming features, and the food is good too. It’s always been a win-win. This year COVID put the kybosh on the event, so they’ve moved it online and now everyone can attend. It’s worth checking out.

Klaviyo’s COVID Update Strikes Again

Klaviyo should get extra credit points for good content during the lock-down. We told you about this before, but we are obsessed with data and stats, so seeing them keep up with the updates on eCommerce stats like this is worth recognition. Get the latest stats here.

Speaking of Stats, Get a Load of the Whole Nasty Retail Picture

There are eCommerce stats, and then there are total market retail sales stats. DigitalCommerce360 has got their hands on some general retail statistics that we … well, let’s just say that they’re shocking. eCommerce is up, but total retail sales are hurting badly, and apparel is off huge. Take a look for yourself.


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Shop Pay

Did you listen to last week’s Unofficial Shopify Podcast? It’s all about using humor in your copy. As you might imagine, I listened to the whole thing, but the part where they give me credit for the idea must have been accidentally edited out. You know those darn audio engineers … crazy bunch of kids!

But we think it’s a good idea. In fact, here’s a joke for you … well, I can’t think of one right now. But trust me … I’m HILARIOUS!

A link to the podcast is below along with the rest of this week’s eCommerce stories.

Happy Selling,

Top Shopify Stories of the Week

We Feel the Need, The Need for Speed

Last week we let you know about the new Shopify Shop App. It is a new app that combines the functions of the Shopify Arrive app for shipment notifications and the Shop pay app. But Shopify does not want you to forget that the Shop Pay functions are an important part of that deal, increasing checkout speeds 4x. 

File This Under “We’ve Been Doing This for 2 Years”

So, in the latest edition of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Kurt talks to copywriter and humorist Lianna Patch about using humor in your copy to engage customers and increase conversion. Yes, a little humor works folks … or so we’ve heard.

Survive Now, Thrive later

Klaviyo has been producing some of the best content during the COVID crisis. Last week we shared their real-time sales stats and this week they have some actual helpful advice for companies that have a hybrid solution with a physical location. It’s worth checking out.

Instagram Loves You Baby!

Do you post to Instagram? The young kids just call it “The Insta,” but I haven’t been a young kid since the Clinton administration. But if your target customer is on “The Insta” then you can sell to them directly from there Insta-ntly.

Memberships or Subscriptions — Which is Right for You?

Groucho Marx once said, “I would never join a club that would have me as a member.” Now he was a funny guy. But Memberships and Subscriptions in Shopify are serious business. Here is some content on how to choose the best route for your products or services.

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