$28.4 billion is the final number

$28.4 billion is the final number

Well, the holiday season marches on. You’re busy, we’re busy, let’s get you the news and carry on!

Here are this week’s top stories.

1. Shopify Rakes in the BFCM Extravaganza

According to official reports, Shopify merchants took in $2.9 billion in sales over the five-day BFCM Sale-abration — a whopping 63% increase year-over-year. And that doesn’t include the sales on Thanksgiving day itself. Yes, that’s a big increase. But it also reflects Shopify’s increase in the number of eCommerce stores on the platform which exceeded 1 million for the first time this year when Shopify reported numbers at the beginning of Q4.

Read the details of Shopify’s BFCM results here.

2. This is interesting – Tracking Total Online Sales for the ENTIRE Season

I’ve got to admit that this is interesting. Adobe is sampling and tracking more than a trillion transactions in real-time. They are super-imposing last year’s results, their predictions for this year, and a current status all together on one page. As of Monday, there have been $97 billion in online sales since November 1 – about 2/3 of the estimated volume so far and right on track.

Must be nice to have all those resources. Anyway, you can bookmark this page and watch the numbers add up.

3. Monday was Cyber-licious

Yes, Cyber Monday was still the big Kahuna of eCommerce shopping days again this year. On "the Monday that shall not be named," online sales reached $9.4 billion — another tidy increase. All in total, the five days of blackness this year generate $28.4 billion in online sales and we hope you got your share of the action.

Read the overall results on Statista.

4. It Ain’t Over ‘Til Santa Claus Sings

Hey ... there are two weeks left until Christmas. This is the time that customers get desperate. It you haven’t got your share of the holiday eCommerce pie yet remember that the party is NOT over. People are scrambling not “just” for gifts, but for ideas. Give them those ideas and you are their hero. Last-minute holiday shoppers need a hero in times like this.

Shopify wrote up a nice blog about it.

5. eCommerce Trends to Watch in 2020

Sure, Christmas is two weeks away. But you know what that also means? It means that the New Year is three weeks away. And I don’t blame you if you felt a shudder on the back of your neck when you read that.

That also means that we are about to be barraged with end-of-the-year content making predictions and stuff, most of which is click-bait BS. Meh … comes with the season. Here is an article. Let’s all read it and se if they’re smart.

Read “The Top 10 eCommerce Trends for 2020” on CMSwire.

This is normally where I write a clever close-out paragraph, but frankly I need a nap.

Happy Selling,

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