Does "Size" matter?

Does "Size" matter?

Everyone talks about “size” as if that’s the most important thing ... about how one is bigger than another. But tons of folks get great results and raving fans by focusing on quality and technique.

The reality is that no one cares how big it is. Let’s talk about the quality of your email list.

If you aren’t working to grow a high-quality email list as part of your long-term marketing strategy you’re missing out. For a lot of established eCommerce businesses, email marketing can account for up to 30% of total revenue … even more during the holidays.

Want to learn more about using s small e-mail list to win big? Our friends at Privy put together a master-class video series with Ezra Firestone that teaches everything you need to know about email list quality and marketing techniques to succeed. You should check it out.

Below you will find this week’s top stories and there are some great ones this week.

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Top Shopify Stories of the Week

Protect Your Shopify Brand From The Dark Web

Remember when Darth Vader said, “You Don’t Know the POWER of the Dark Web!” Well … that’s what he was supposed to say but James Earl Jones muffed his lines and they just left it the other way. But the risks of the Dark Web are real and merchants are usually the ones who pay the price in customer service complaints and chargebacks. It sucks. This article on eCommerceFastlane helps it suck less.

Why Small Businesses Should Start Marketing on Day One

Lots of business start-ups think that the first thing to worry about is product. Wrong! Believe it or not, marketing is your first priority … before products, before website, before price, before everything else. MailChimp wrote up a nice mini e-book to talk about it and you should take a look.

Start prepping your Shopify store now for a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Have you ever heard the expression “Christmas in July?” Sure you have! If you look at your calendar, you’ll see that today is the last day of June. And that means July starts tomorrow. Sure, you could stick your =head in the internet sand and forget out that, but you could also make your life easier and more profitable by starting your t=preparation now.

Google expands free retail listings into search as pandemic hits ad sales

“I feel sorry for Facebook and Google because ad revenue is way down right now,” said no one ever. But it is a GREAT time to spend a few bucks online if you have them. And it is also a good time to snap some free premium offerings from Google.

Rethinking the Batch-and-Blast

Every single email does not have to go to every single person on your list. That what list segmenting is for. Our partners at Klaviyo have a tidy article on email segmentation that will talk you through some of the basics.



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