How Do Shopify Merchants Break an Amazon Addiction

How Do Shopify Merchants Break an Amazon Addiction

This time of the year is always problematic. I keep writing the wrong year on checks. Half of the country is depressed that their football team is out of the playoffs. School is ramping up. It’s like the entire world hit the reset button. But we are quickly approaching mid-January already and — gosh darn — it’s starting to feel like a normal workweek again.

Time to sell some stuff online. Here are this week’s top stories.

1. Is It Time to (Shopify) Blog Yet?

We’ve helped dozens of Shopify stores work on their SEO with our TaskHusky SEO Audit. Sure, there are a lot of tips and tricks and best practices that we share. But one of the most important things is the production of regular content. And a blog is probably the best way to do it. If you don’t think you can blog, you’re wrong. If you need inspiration, we’ve got it.

2. A Couple of Stats to Think About

There is a report out there called “2019 U.S. Top 1000 Report.” It takes real stats from the top thousand eCommerce sites and crunches the data. The full report costs nearly $2000 and we don’t think you should buy it. But we can’t share the report because that’s wrong too. But we CAN share the teaser stats that they are using to promote sales of the report — and that might help a few of you out there.

  • Amazon grew by 20% Y/Y, but a full third of the list (342 shops) grew even faster. The average growth was 16.7%.
  • The average conversion rate of the top 100 sites was 2.6%. Compare your results to that number.
  • Only 17% of the top online retailers offer free shipping on all orders. And another 40.7% off free shipping with a minimum order ($50 was the most common point). That means that more than 42% of them DO NOT offer free shipping … so think about that for a minute.

3. You Can Now Buy Walmart Ads

Did you know that not only can you link your Shopify store to Amazon as a sales channel, but you can also pay for ads and placements on Amazon? In fact, Amazon made $9.8 b-b-b-b-billion selling just those kinds of ads to merchants on their platform. Walmart is chasing Amazon and their online sales were up 41% in 2019. And now you can buy ads on their platform too.

4. How Do Shopify Merchants Break an Amazon Addiction?

Sure, tons of folks are addicted to online shopping. But a lot of Shopify eCommerce stores are addicted to Amazon as a sales channel. Make no mistake, we are all about omnichannel. But if you get most of your sales via Amazon you are living an unbalanced life. In part three of the latest “Unofficial Shopify Podcast” our friend Kurt Elster talks about migrating sales OFF of Amazon.

5. Shopify List of the Week — Print-On-Demand Products

There are a lot of Shopify stores that use print-on-demand (POD) products to fill-out their offerings. And there are even a few stores that sell nothing but POD products. If you are a designer, photographer, artist, musician, or anyone who had a distinctive style and brand, POD can be a good way to get some additional conversions. They’re not for everyone, but Shopify recently put out a list of ten of their favorite supplies that plug right into your Shopify store.

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