How to Make a Million Dollars on BFCM (literally)

How to Make a Million Dollars on BFCM (literally)

I don’t mind telling you that I’m freak’in out a little bit. Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. All of us in eCommerce land have got to get our shizzle together fast … and who doesn’t want to make a million dollars on BFCM? So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are this week’s top stories.

1. Plan a Profitable Promotion (and other words that start with the letter “P”)

Are you putting your promos together for the perfect push of products? Hmmmm? Well Shopify has some ideas on the matter because holiday promos are great … holiday promos that are profitable are preferable.

Read it on the Shopify blog.

2. Same Day What?

OK … this is getting interesting.

Have you heard of Postmates? They are doing an “Uber for everything” business model. Basically, their drivers will pickup and/or deliver just about anything in selected cities. That’s SAME DAY delivery stuff right there. Well, they just launch a Shopify app integration. This could be a game-changer for some of y’all out there.

Read about the Postmates app.

3. So then … Is THAT What All the Fuss Was About?

Remember back in March when the news exploded that Shopify was no longer going to support MailChimp … or make the MailChimp integration available in the app store … and they were going to unfriend them on social media and stop returning their phone calls? Seriously. At the time it made no sense. MailChimp said that Shopify was all clingy on the data and they just couldn’t roll with that. The whole thing was like a bad breakup with a crazy stalker-spouse.

Well, Shopify just announced their new email service.

4. Brand Illusions

Do you drink Gin? Hendrick’s Gin is pretty good stuff. But they pulled some brand and marketing sleight of hand to make their new Gin brand look and feel like it had been around forever. And they did it so well, the we don’t know whether the results are brilliant or evil.

I’ll have to ponder that question over a martini whilst I read this article.

5. How to Make a Million Dollars on BFCM

Our friend Kurt Elster did a podcast with Ezra Firestone a few months back called, “How Ezra Firestone plans to make a million dollars on Black Friday.” And you know what? They guy pays out his specific marketing plan – including TONS of email blast (remember that you can get away with a lot more emails during the holidays). If you didn’t catch it, here’s your chance to give it a listen and apply some of what Ezra was laying down.

Listen to the Ezra Firestone podcast.

Wow … another week, another email. I hope you got something of value out of it. Now it’s time to share.

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