Make a Deal with the eCommerce Devil

We’re finally getting some decent weather here in the Midwest. It still a bit warm and humid, but we’re not melting like the Wicked Witch of the West and it’s not raining. So that means I’m in a pretty good mood, all things considered. Let’s see if all that translates into some good email write’in on this lovely Monday evening.

Here are this week’s top stories.

1. The Devil Came Down to the Internet ‘Cuz He Was Looking for a Soul to Steal

Do you resell as a third-party through Amazon? A LOT of small and large ecommerce brands do just that. Yes, Amazon wants to eat your lunch, steal your soul, and leave whatever’s left for buzzards to gnaw upon. BUT … the devil keeps his promises. So, if you’re an online merchant and you want to get listed in the annual Amazon Digital Holiday Gift Guide, you have exactly one more week to cut that deal.

Get the info on the Amazon Gift Guide here.

And in case you missed it, the title of this section references one of the greatest Country-Rock songs ever, and you should listen to it.

2. It Pays to be German … Sometimes

When you read this story you might ask yourself, “What the heck do I have in common with a super-big German car maker?” Well, turns out that way back in the stone age of the 1980s, Audi had a big brand problem. Their ad agency solved it by coming at the issue sideways. Instead of touting quality specs like most ads, they solved it by playing into the biases already in customer’s minds. Do you have a brand problem? "Just read and think.

3.  I’m Rich … Rich in Snippets!

OK, this might be the nerdiest entries in our weekly email ever. That’s because it talks about website code … GASP!

So, read it if you care (the developers at TaskHusky love this stuff). But at least give it a look because Google understand how some websites game the system and cheat on SEO by posting fake-a-licious reviews and they are trying hard to cut down on that kind chicanery.

Read about algorithm changes at Google.

4. Making it Rain – The Issue of Business Funding

I talk to dozens small business entrepreneurs every week. After we get done talking about website tweaks, product trends, and marketing, you’d be surprised how often the topic of funding comes up. Get a loan, take on an investor, borrow money from the ‘rents, use credit cards … that kind of thing. And there are lots of ways to spend that money. Some make sense, some are warning lights.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for content on this, but here’s a recent article on the Shopify blog to start.

5. It’s Gett’in Real – Walmart Continues to Make Moves

Competition in business is good. The last thing any of us need is to have on eCommerce Death Star our there ruling the galaxy. Better to have two slugging it out. We started writing about this on the TaskHusky blog a couple of years ago. Well, FedEx just terminated their air and ground delivery contracts with Amazon. This stuff’s gett’in real folks.

Read about the Walmart – FedEx Alliance.

That’s a pretty good email. But I have to admit that several times I got distracted by all the good weather outside. It’s a great day for a ball game and a beer. And you know what? Now that this email’s done that’s EXACTLY what I’m gonna do. I hope you have as great a day as I am.


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