Motivational Poster Nightmares

Motivational Poster Nightmares

There’s a Reason People Use Sports Analogies

Sports analogies are so common that they are a cliché. Everybody uses sports to talk about teamwork, coaching, endurance, attitude … all kinds of stuff. It’s the stuff of stupid motivational poster nightmares.

But when you think about it, there’s usually a real reason why we have clichés like this … it’s because there’s some truth in it all.

So, more than a billion people around the world watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. Say what you will, the NFL knows a heck of a lot about the business of sports. They milked that thing for all it was worth and then some. Literally billions of dollars in ad revenue and hundreds of millions in ticket and merchandise sales road it. Not to mention all the sales of chips and avocados and pizza, and cupcakes decorated with footballs made of brown fondant. It is their Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday all rolled into a single four-hour window.

And it was a pretty darned-good game, too.

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An Introduction to Unified Commerce from Shopify

We all have a happy symbiotic relationship with Shopify. The more features and stuff they pack into the platform, the more we use it. The more we use it, the more dedicated we are to the platform. The result is that it’s getting blindingly easy to sell everywhere. If you’re not, give this short article a read and think about how your eCommerce vision fits in the grand scheme of things.

This IS the Podcast You’re Looking for

We love Privy, Privy loves us … it’s like an eCommerce romance. And now Dave Gerhardt is back and he’s launched his new “eCommerce Marketing Show” as a podcast and we think it’s gonna be great. Look for more mentions here in the future as we go along, or get a jump and check it out now.

Learn or Remember About eCommerce Rich Snippets

SEO is hard these days — TONS of competition, TONS of ads, TONS of trial and error. The top ten or so Best Practices get you 90% of the way. Once you have those down, the next thing to look at is Rich Snippets. Getting them is hard, but the rewards are mighty-mighty.

Behold a God Who Bleeds!*

We can’t help it. We loves us some stats in the morning with a side of hot biscuits. Fortune online thinks that Walmart and Target cracked the ice just a bit against Amazon, thus proving them somewhat less than invincible.

*Our fellow nerds will recognize this reference to a classic Star Trek episode called “The Paradise Syndrom.

My Personal Favorite Super Bowl Ad … You Guessed It

You know us, you love us, you know that we love dogs. So it will totally NOT surprise anyone that our favorite Super Bowl ad this year didn’t have any fancy graphics or celebrity endorsements. Speaking of sports analogies, this email was a touchdown!

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