Screw the Coronavirus, Let’s Get to Work

Screw the Coronavirus, Let’s Get to Work

What the Heck Happened Last Week?

Last week was crazy. I mean seriously … when you're an entrepreneur you have some crazy weeks, but last week was some special kind of crazy. Half the world is freak’in out about the coronavirus CV19 thinking it’s going to march through humanity like PacMan. And all that scariness is freak’in out the stock market because China is closing down entire cities.

You remember China, right? It’s that far-off place where a lot of our eCommerce merch comes from.

Anyway … in the middle of all that, we did NOT send out an email and everyone thought that the Corona-PacMan had got me too. But no … I’m still here. So, sorry about the miss. Business travel and red-eye flights got the best of the content team and we woke up Tuesday morning and said, “holy crap!” But I’ll make up for it with a complete set of awesomeness email right now.

Speaking of pandemics and supply-chains, here are this week’s stories.

Happy Selling,

Latest Discounts Available on Lead Plus

Lead Plus offers a ton of value, including great discounts on Shopify stuff. Here are the three latest discounts for Lead Plus members:

  • 20% off ANY Cloud Search plan for Life!
  • 20% off ANY TaskHusky Marketing Task!
  • 30% off FLEX Theme by Out of the Sandbox!

Check out all the Lead Plus discounts here — and more are on the way. Remember that membership is only $99 per year and includes everything you see here.

Coronavirus Threatens To Disrupt eCommerce Supply Chain

We’re not about to diminish the impact of all the sick folks, but the economic and financial risks here are real. This viral outbreak will pass in time. Read this article and think about your supply chain. Diversifying your product sourcing is just good business.

12 Trending Products to Sell in 2020

Sometimes we see these “top trending products” posts and they turn out to be nothing but click-bait crap lists. But this one from the content team at Shopify actually does a good job, has real search trend stats, and marketing tips. So if you're looking for new product ideas give this article a look-see.

The Death of the Third-Party Cookie: What Marketers Need to Know

Marketing is tough enough. Why does Google keep changing the rules of the game? The answer is … because THEY CAN. Anyway … TONS of marketers use third-party cookies to manage ad campaigns that the decision by the Dark Lords of Google to take them away from the Chrome browser is gonna leave a mark.

Instagram Content Insights

If you don’t know about Gary Vaynerchuk — GaryVee — then you're just not paying attention. The guy is everywhere, and he’s best known for three things:

  1. His Hustle and dedication to Hard Work
  2. Cursing … a lot … ‘cuz he’s from New Jersey
  3. His team’s ability to generate a huge volume of content across multiple platforms

This article shares some of his easy Instagram tips.

Which of My Competitor's Keywords Should (& Shouldn't) I Target?

All’s fair in love and SEO Wars. That’s why we're all looking at our competitors to see what they’re working on. Heck, you KNOW that they’re looking at you, so it’s time to return the favor.

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