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Did you listen to last week’s Unofficial Shopify Podcast? It’s all about using humor in your copy. As you might imagine, I listened to the whole thing, but the part where they give me credit for the idea must have been accidentally edited out. You know those darn audio engineers … crazy bunch of kids!

But we think it’s a good idea. In fact, here’s a joke for you … well, I can’t think of one right now. But trust me … I’m HILARIOUS!

A link to the podcast is below along with the rest of this week’s eCommerce stories.

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Top Shopify Stories of the Week

We Feel the Need, The Need for Speed

Last week we let you know about the new Shopify Shop App. It is a new app that combines the functions of the Shopify Arrive app for shipment notifications and the Shop pay app. But Shopify does not want you to forget that the Shop Pay functions are an important part of that deal, increasing checkout speeds 4x. 

File This Under “We’ve Been Doing This for 2 Years”

So, in the latest edition of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Kurt talks to copywriter and humorist Lianna Patch about using humor in your copy to engage customers and increase conversion. Yes, a little humor works folks … or so we’ve heard.

Survive Now, Thrive later

Klaviyo has been producing some of the best content during the COVID crisis. Last week we shared their real-time sales stats and this week they have some actual helpful advice for companies that have a hybrid solution with a physical location. It’s worth checking out.

Instagram Loves You Baby!

Do you post to Instagram? The young kids just call it “The Insta,” but I haven’t been a young kid since the Clinton administration. But if your target customer is on “The Insta” then you can sell to them directly from there Insta-ntly.

Memberships or Subscriptions — Which is Right for You?

Groucho Marx once said, “I would never join a club that would have me as a member.” Now he was a funny guy. But Memberships and Subscriptions in Shopify are serious business. Here is some content on how to choose the best route for your products or services.

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