Shopify Pros Give Last-Minute Sales Advice

Shopify Pros Give Last-Minute Sales Advice

Holy mackerel! Christmas is just one week away! Go get ‘em! But one quick comment from your friends here at TaskHusky … do NOT forget your after-Christmas sales. Blast your promos through the following week and maximize your year my friends.

Here are this week’s top stories.

1. Last Minute Promo Tips from Out of the Sandbox

Theme-maker Out-of-the-Sandbox asked us and a bunch of other Shopify Professionals to give our tips for last-minute promos. Christmas is just one week away, so this is about as last-minute as online shopping gets. But there are a few gems in this list — including ours, if we do say so ourselves.

Read the last-minute promo list.

2. How Elite Online Retailers Spend their Marketing & Ad dollars

The top retailers have marketing and ad budgets in the millions of dollars. They have commercials on TV and radio in addition to online. But there may be something to learn from how they allocated that money … or you just might be curious how the other half lives. The article is a teaser and you have to create a free account to read the whole thing.

Read the article about the luxury of spending millions.

3. A Tale of FREE Shipping

We’ve been in this business long enough to remember “Free Shipping Day.” It was a coordinated promotion among online retailers to encourage customers to buy on a certain day. Now, Free Shipping is almost the norm. Do you “have” to have free shipping? No … but as of this holiday season, 80% of the top 50 online retailers do.

Read the report on DigitalCommerce360.

4. One Fool Talks About Shopify Growth

“Motley Fool” is an investment content company with an ironic name. They’ve been around for a while and half of their content is “supported” or blatantly self-serving. But they wrote up an article about how well Shopify was doing this year and since they have never been known to be big fans of the company in the past, it might be worth a few minutes of your time.

One thing’s for certain … Shopify is blowing the doors off their holiday season.

5. PayPal Gets a Taste of Honey

This is going to be important. Right now in the world of eCommerce, the two biggest players in customer data are Amazon and Facebook. Those have been the only two organizations with end-to-end customer data — from identity and behavior to intent. But that has just changed. Last month, PayPal purchased Honey for $4 billion which deliver them the missing piece — in their case, intent.

This will reshape eCommerce for the next two years.

Read this article on Venture Beat.

Whew! Great content is hard, especially during the holidays. But you’re worth it.

Happy Selling,

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