The Biggest Shopping Day In History

The Biggest Shopping Day In History

Wow … Happy New Year folks! Welcome to the first newsletter of the year. Last year was so good, it might seem impossible for us to do any better. But together we will reach new heights of eCommerce and entrepreneurship email quality.

Let’s get to it. Here are this week’s top stories.

1. Two eCommerce Mega-Trends Merge

For a long time now we’ve been saying — to anyone who will listen — that mobile is the future. It’s not unusual for our clients to have 60% to 70% of their traffic on cell phones. And last year we also pointed out that there is a trend toward eCommerce payment apps and services where the customer gets to pay for their purchases in installments over a month or two or three. AfterPay is one of the market leaders in that space. Well, those two trends are colliding. AfterPay says nearly 80% of the customers choosing time-payments did so from mobile devices.

Think about those implications people and read the article on DigitalCommerce360.

2. How Do You Know When You’re Doing Good?

LinkedIn recently did a content series where they re-posted the most popular articles of the year.

This was one of them. When any one of us does a marketing campaign — whether it’s ads or email or other — we are always a little uncertain about whether it was effective. Is a 3% email conversion rate good or isn’t it? It won’t make the final determination for you, but this article discusses digital marketing benchmarks to use as a baseline, and that can help you set budgets and forecasts for the new year.

3. The Biggest “Buying” Day in History

In our world of digital retail, as the calendar flips closer and closer to Christmas the online frenzy continues, but in the non-virtual world the intensity speeds up. In fact, the last Saturday before Christmas is called “Super Saturday” and it is often the busiest “buying” day of the year as folks run out of time. This year was no exception as December 21st, 2019, set a new record for the most money changing hands on a single day.

Check out the numbers and the chart on MSN.

4. The Super Bowl is a Top 10 Shopping Event

It really doesn’t matter what team you’re rooting for. If you sell things for a living, the Super Bowl matters because it is one of the Top 10 Consumer Shopping Events of the year. Really … it’s a bigger day for retail than the 4th of July.

Check it out on the National Retail Federation website.

5. A Shopify Vacation?

Do you know what one of the top search queries on Google for Shopify is right now? ”How to close my Shopify store for vacation.” Seriously? Who does that … and why? Hey, we don’t judge, we’re here to serve. The result of that search is that you can’t and you’re naughty for asking because the internet never takes a personal day. But Shopify answers the question anyway in this help article. But the answer is still no.

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Wow! It’s only January 7th and we’re already up and running with new and improved content and even more awesome.

Happy Selling,

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