The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Making Sense Out of eCommerce Chaos

Especially when you are small and trying to grow your online business from zero to something, the analytics of it all can drive you freak’in crazy. You have a kick-ass week and it makes you think that you are going to take over the world and buy a Lambo. The next week sales fall into the trashcan and you get a few returns and you’re convinced that this darn internet is gonna drive you to the poor house.

The struggle is REAL folks.

We talk with thousands of eCommerce merchants just like you when we’re doing development tasks, interacting with them on our Shopify Help Facebook Group, and doing marketing consults. We’ve heard this same frustration a thousand times. You’re NOT alone. We’re here for you. The only path is to keep your head down, forget about daily and weekly fluctuations as best you can, and keep working the dream with solid business practices. It’s the only way to get there. And when you have than breakthrough ... it's a magical feeling.

So let’s talk about ways to get and keep customers to smooth out the bumps. Here are interesting stories curated from the world of eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

Keep at it folks ... We're here for you when you need us.

Happy Selling,

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Sure, I Make It LOOK Easy

I send these emails from TaskHusky because I love you all. But the truth is that email marketing rocks. Email consistently delivers some of the best conversion rates in eCommerce. Our friends at Privy just wrote up an article on how to write email copy — including the difference between email content and email copy. Check it out and up your email game.

So Let’s All Do the Insta-Brand Dance!

Visual products do well on visual platforms … duh! Instagram is THE visual social media platform. If you are selling consumer products that are strongly visual, you have GOT to be there. And the place to start is with an Instagram bio for your business that reinforces your brand. Shopify has some thoughts on the topic.

Brand Now, Sell More Later

In eCommerce we spend a LOT of time, effort, and cash getting a customer to arrive at our site and make that first purchase. Modern eCommerce survival requires getting the second sale … then the third. Think about it this way — A customer will buy a product once, but they will buy a brand for a lifetime. Here are seven tips from to think about.

As Long As We’re Talking About Brand and Customer Retention

Let me throw a little truth at you …. If you want multiple repeat customers during the holidays this year, you need to get their attention, get some sales, and KEEP those customers NOW. Here are nine tips from Help.Scout to keep customers right where you want them — satisfied and happy.

Safety and Security Is Job #1

Let me assure you … the LAST thing you want is to have one of your customers hacked, tricked, or phished while visiting your website. And equally important, you don’t want them to think your site is a fraudster site when it’s just you trying to make a living. Well, not only are themes from Out Of The Sandbox well-made and secure, but they have some recommendations on how to keep your Shopify site and reputation safe too.

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