This is a SHITI Story If Ever I Heard One

This is a SHITI Story If Ever I Heard One

Into the Holiday Gap We Go

You are likely reading this the day after President’s Day 2020. Over the last hundred years or so, the marketing and advertising geniuses sipping lattes on Madison Avenue have done a pretty good job of spacing out the holidays so that there always seems to be one just around the corner. But as of right now, the next holiday on the horizon in Saint Patrick’s Day, and that’s a FULL four weeks out.

Sure, there are a few “scheduled” holidays between now and then, but nothing that’s ever really caught on. Hey … I mean no offense if your personal favorite holiday is “Linus Pauling Day” (Feb. 28th) or if your family tradition centers around a BBQ feast served to celebrate the annual start of Daylight Savings Time (March 8th). Most of us are going to look forward to green beer with corned beef and cabbage whilst we use this time to firm up our eCommerce marketing chops.

Speaking of which, here are interesting stories curated from the world of eCommerce marketing.

Happy Selling,

Latest Discounts Available on Lead Plus

Lead Plus offers a ton of value, including great discounts on Shopify stuff. Here are the three latest discounts for Lead Plus members:

  • 20% off ANY Cloud Search plan for Life!
  • 20% off ANY TaskHusky Marketing Task!
  • 30% off FLEX Theme by Out of the Sandbox!

Check out all the Lead Plus discounts here — and more are on the way. Remember that membership is only $99 per year and includes everything you see here.

Facebook Custom Audiences 101

Not all Facebook and Instagram ads are created equal. Aside from the obvious quality differences in creative design, who you choose to see what ad and when are vital. Even a great ad can flop if you are not targeting the right folks. Shopify wrote up a blog on it.

The 4 Metrics Your Ecommerce Business Actually Needs to Track

There is a saying in statistics, “Just because you CAN measure something doesn’t mean you should.” Dang if that doesn’t become more and more true with every passing year. There are a bazillion metrics and stats available to us. But our good friends at Privy and Kurt Elster came up with their top four.


Speaking of Kurt, on last week’s podcast he introduced us to Austin Zacny of SHITI Coolers — a parody brand that pokes fun at high-end YETI coolers. They’ve gone from zero to $1 million in just three years with a $400 investment and a ton of good humor. In this podcast they tell their story.

10 Types of Content That Actually Work

Let’s all do content marketing! OK … now what? Well, turns out that creating great content is work. So you better darn-well figure out what kind of content works, and what works for you. The folks at ActiveCampaign compiled a lot of good info and stats to help you figure it all out.

How to Grow Your Instagram with the 80/20 Rule

The sub-title of this article is, “Three steps to get a highly engaged audience in just 15 minutes a day.” If you sell visual, consumer products, then you know that Instagram can work. This article by BetterMarketing has some insight on how to get it done.

This email is so good that it deserves a holiday of its own. In the meantime, Happy Casimir Pulaski Day! (March 2nd)

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