Today Is A Gift

Today Is A Gift

Today Is A Gift

I woke up this morning thinking that life is a gift. Some days it might not feel like it, but that doesn’t change anything about the truth of it. We are all trying to make a buck online. But nothing is more important than enjoying what you do.

Sure … there are “parts” of what we do that we don’t enjoy. No one likes doing taxes (unless they’re a masochist) or having to deal with the occasional customer complaint. Heck, every rose has its thorns, right? That’s NOT what we’re talking about.

I’m talking about the day-to-day operation of life and living and what we do to make all that happen and keep running profitably. Taking some enjoyment from that and saving some time for friends and family in the process is the magic of it all. Being able to enjoy making a little cash from our business or side hustle without the oppressive expectations of outsiders or false pressures of Instagram-attention-clones and social-media fake-preneurs pushing our FOMO buttons and intruding on our bliss.

When you master that and enjoy your work, every day a gift.

Happy Selling,

Here are some interesting stories curated from the world of eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

Daymond John Gets All Sharky on Mad Money w. Jim Cramer

Who doesn’t love the show SharkTank? Daymond John rented out every room in his house and kept his day job at Red Lobster for five years while he started his break-through fashion business FUBU. This video lasts less than 8 minutes … watch it now, and feel good about your day.

The New “Shopify Academy” Class on Goal Setting & Progress Tracking

Watching that video made us look into more stuff by Daymond John. Shopify delivers a lot of good content and resources, and they launched a course on goal-setting that’s only available to Shopify merchants. It starts with Daymond John, which is cool as heck.

The Content-Generating Machine

GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) is EVERYWHERE online — YouTube, Podcast, Insta, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, Text, and he is a Twitter-Beast. He also is one of the most influential advertising and market gurus of the digital age. In this short blog post — including a mega slide deck — he discusses exactly HOW his team generates so much content every single day.

eCommerce Tactics for Instagram Marketing

We always keep an eye out for perspectives on marketing stuff. If you have a consumer brand, Instagram is the shizzle. But marketing there can be iffy. Here are a few tips. We especially like the comment about “How to identify a bottled (faker) Instagram account.”

The Moral Is, “Don’t Sell Fake Stuff”

There's a TON of fake brand and product rip-off stuff for sale online. Don’t be one of those guys. Not only is it bad karma, but the Feds might be coming for you.

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