Welcome to Dreamy Emails

Welcome to Dreamy Emails

Sometimes technology is super-cool. Sometimes technology is super-helpful. Sometimes technology just kind of blows your mind. Augmented Reality (AR) kind of blows my mind. It's a middle ground between the Matrix and real-life where computers and cameras blur the lines.

Shopify just wrote about a cool new app that lets people place your products on tables and counters virtually. It’s kind of cool and crazy at the same time and it’s called Size.link and you gotta see it for yourself.

A link to the Size.link story is below along with the rest of this week’s eCommerce stories.

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Top Shopify Stories of the Week

Welcome to Dreamy Emails

Have you ever heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Sure you have. And since it is hard to get email registrations these days — REALLY hard — your welcome email or email series deserves a little TLC. Here is that TLC. Check it out.

File This Under "Tech Is Getting Creepy-Cool"

Look … you might want to use this on the mobile version of your store, or not. Hey, we don’t judge. But you will NOT deny that this is super-cool AR that makes you WANT to spend money. Meet the special Augmented Reality app Size.link. Take a look and gasp in awe.

Wonder Shops Unite-ish!

We’ve gone to the annual Shopify Unite Conference a few times. It’s cool, you see coming features, and the food is good too. It’s always been a win-win. This year COVID put the kybosh on the event, so they’ve moved it online and now everyone can attend. It’s worth checking out.

Klaviyo’s COVID Update Strikes Again

Klaviyo should get extra credit points for good content during the lock-down. We told you about this before, but we are obsessed with data and stats, so seeing them keep up with the updates on eCommerce stats like this is worth recognition. Get the latest stats here.

Speaking of Stats, Get a Load of the Whole Nasty Retail Picture

There are eCommerce stats, and then there are total market retail sales stats. DigitalCommerce360 has got their hands on some general retail statistics that we … well, let’s just say that they’re shocking. eCommerce is up, but total retail sales are hurting badly, and apparel is off huge. Take a look for yourself.


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