If You’re a Shopify Store Merchant, Here Are the SEO, Advertising, and Conversion Resources You've Been Waiting For

If You’re a Shopify Store Merchant, Here Are the SEO, Advertising, and Conversion Resources You've Been Waiting For

If You’re a Shopify Store Merchant, Here Are the SEO, Advertising, and Conversion Resources You've Been Waiting For

Bookmark This Blog Post, Seriously … EVERY Shopify Entrepreneur

We just got back from sponsoring the Shop Class Tour 2018, put on by the team at Shopify. They did a great job and we met more than a thousand Shopify merchants – from brand new to experienced. We talked and gave free advice to as many as we could – and hundreds of them have subscribed to our mailing list.

But here’s the issue …

Vital eCommerce Information Still Needs to Get Out There!

Everyone wants help with Conversions and SEO and Images and Advertising! These were the most common questions by far. This short article is for you.

We have written a bunch of content on exactly these vital topics. So, if you want to know more about those issues, we got you. No charge, no additional sign up info required. It’s all here to help you get started or fix what’s wrong.

What are you waiting for?

Important Shopify SEO Topics

If You’re NOT Doing This You’re Losing the SEO Game … Period.

Here is our recent post on Image ALT tag SEO and why it’s important:


Pirate Marketing – eCommerce SEO with Title Tags and Page Descriptions

This is an extra SEO trick regarding things like Title tags and page Descriptions that might be helpful:


Product Descriptions – Writing for Both Humans and Machines

Here’s an article on writing eCommerce Product Descriptions that Persuade, SEO, and sell:


Our Most Popular Shopify Blog EVER – Practical DIY Image Prep for Speed AND Quality

Here is our blog post from last year which covers the basics for prepping images so they balance for speed and resolution:


Important Shopify eCommerce Advertising Topics

Most Shopify Stores Are Wasting Money on Facebook and Google Ads – Fix It

This is the article on defining customer personas so that you waste as little money as possible when you start advertising:


Facebook Ads Done Right for the Beginner eCommerce Marketer

This is an article on getting started with Facebook Advertising Best Practices:


I personally promised to send additional info and resources to a lot of other folks via email. If you’re one of those folks, don’t worry, those email resources are on the way.

And there’s one more important note ….

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Coming Fast – Start Now

We are gearing up for the busy season, but things can get busy in November for obvious reasons. If you want us to help, get your tasks started now.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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