Lead is like Amazon Prime, but better. Because it’s designed just for Shopify merchants. You get more help growing your Shopify business, exclusive marketing content, and a bunch of perks for only $99/year.

Lead Members Get:

  • Exclusive Discounts & Deals on Apps and More - With over 10,500 merchants on the TaskHusky platform, we have bargaining power. We will bring you the best deals available on apps and services related to your Shopify store. See available discounts now. 
  • Free Premium Website Performance Monitoring - You’ll receive detailed speed reports directly to your inbox each week like a boss. You’ll KNOW what’s going on and how to fix it.
  • Double Your Task Review Window - Our normal task review period is 14 days. Lead Plus Members get a full 30 days. Learn more about Extended Validation
  • Exclusive Premium Content - Get access to interviews, training, and content from top experts in the eCommerce space to help grow your business. This will only be available to Lead Plus Members.
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