It’s the biggest no-brainer in eCommerce -- Meet TaskHusky Plus

TaskHusky Plus is like Amazon Prime, but better. Because it’s designed just for eCommerce merchants. You get more help growing your eCommerce business, exclusive marketing content, and a bunch of perks for only $99/year.

TaskHusky Plus Members Get:

  • Free Task Update Protection - Every task you complete with TaskHusky will be covered by our Task Update Protection as long as you have TaskHusky Plus. Learn more about Task Update Protection
  • Double Your Task Review Window - Our normal task review period is 14 days. TaskHusky Plus Members get a full 30 days. Learn more about Extended Validation
  • Free Premium Website Performance Monitoring - You’ll receive detailed speed reports directly to your inbox each week like a boss. You’ll KNOW what’s going on and how to fix it.
  • Free Product Image Editing - Your product images are super-important. They can literally sell your product for you. We want to help you make them pretty (up to 10 photos per day).
  • Exclusive Discounts & Deals on Apps and More - With over 8,000 merchants on the TaskHusky platform, we have bargaining power. We will bring you the best deals available on apps and services related to your eCommerce store.
  • Exclusive Premium Content - Get access to interviews, training, and content from top experts in the eCommerce space to help grow your business. This will only be available to TaskHusky Plus Members.
  • Ask Me Anything - You will have access to an exclusive email to ask our team anything about themes, marketing, conversions, apps … whatever you want to know. It’s like having your own eCommerce think-tank on speed-dial.
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