Your eCommerce Strategy Call Includes

TaskHusky has more than 14,000 customers — and we have helped them all. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. We know what needs to be done first vs what can wait until you have time. We have a deep and meaningful understanding of eCommerce Best Practices. The eCommerce Strategy Call is where you get access to all of it.

This is our most popular go-to-market service. We will send you a brief questionnaire so that we can prepare and then schedule a private, one-on-one video conference between you and a member of our senior team where you can discuss anything and everything. We can talk about your plans, discuss specific challenges, strategize marketing and SEO, even review your entire site. Your 1-hour session will be recorded to a video so that you can even go back and re-watch it again or fast-forward to something you want to review.

eCommerce Strategy Call Requirements

  • Answer the questionnaire.
  • Provide a link to your existing eCommerce site (if applicable).
  • Come prepared with your questions.
  • Arrive at your online call on-time with a good internet connection.
  • Timely email-ticket responses to preparation questions from the eCommerce Strategy team.

eCommerce Strategy Call FAQs

Q: What can we discuss on my eCommerce Strategy call?

A: Absolutely anything, so long as it is related to a single eCommerce site. If you want to talk about a second or different site you should schedule a separate eCommerce Strategy Call.

Q: Can I schedule an eCommerce Strategy call even if I have not built of launched my site yet?

A: Yes. In fact, that is common. Many online merchants want to get off on the right foot without making and big mistakes up-front. The eCommerce Strategy Call is a great way to do that.

Q: What if I need more than an hour?

A: Easy-peasy … schedule a second call. This happens all the time. Whenever you need advice or to discuss your ideas and plans with an expert just schedule a call. We love helping entrepreneurs like you.

Ecommerce Merchant Successes

Rafal G.

Very well, quickly and effectively. To the point . They try to understand the problem and if something isn't clear, they ask for additional information and makes sure they understand everything.

Vincent D.

Very quick and responsive, implementation was done very nicely. Would recommend

Nicholas K.

It was very important for us to have this task completed by a specific date. I contacted Ariana to bring her attention to it and she helped expedite the process. The task was completed in time which is helping us achieve our sales goals for our planned early September email sales campaigns. We appreciate TaskHusky working with us on getting this done

Josh K.

Gagan is seriously the best! He always handles my tasks in a quick and timely manner. He also goes above and beyond for me when I have revisions. I seriously can't thank him enough!

Michael C.

Very experienced in handling the tasks involved and capable of providing practical solutions.

Wanita S.

Everything went very smoothly. Thank you for your attention on our small task. We will be back with future enhancements to our site. Thanks again to the team!

Neill J.

Great work. Thanks for all your patience. :)

Mark K.

Aman did a great job. Any time we ran into issues, he clearly communicated the path forward and supported me with visuals, screenshot, and videos to assist. That made a huge difference! I never felt frustrated. I always felt valued. That's a rare when dealing with development. Thank you so much! I am very pleased. I feel like Task Husky is an extension of my team. We don't have full time developers, so we needed a cost-effective way to get the work done. Not everyone understands Shopify, so that knowledge is critical. Your team did a splendid job and I'll be sending another project your way very soon.

Sam L.

Aman is great to work with. Very patient and prompt to all our requests and many major or minor adjustments. Went above and beyond to think about the customization that will suit for our needs at best. This is about 3rd or 4th customization jobs performed for our side from Aman, and I certainly will come back for more help in the future if needed.

Mark K.

The TaskHusky team took the product pages to a new level. I truly feel like Task Husky is an extension of my team. We don't have full time developers, so we needed a cost-effective way to get work done. Not everyone understands the Shopify platform, so that knowledge is critical. TaskHusky went above and beyond. I'll be sending more work their way.

Sandro D.

Superduper! Uncomplicated, straight forward, friendly.

Kristin C.

Very responsive, and did the job quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Task Husky and plan to use them again for small jobs.

Jonathan D

Aman handled the task perfectly. He did not need any more information than my initial brief. I gave him full permission to my Shopify account and my problems were solved before I could even realise it. Excellent work. Blazing speed. Fully recommended!

Mauricio R.

Gagan helped us promptly to get our requests resolved.

Lauren R.

Fast, communicated well, done perfectly to spec.

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