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Upsell Cross Sell Add-to-Cart Setup for Privy

Upsell Cross Sell Add-to-Cart Setup for Privy

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Are you ready to make even more money? Using Privy upsell / cross sell add-to-cart pop up is the way to do it. Politely nudge customers to add additional products to their cart that compliment existing products they are already interested in. It helps you grow your average order value and it helps your customers gain more satisfaction from their purchase. After all, no one wants to get a product and see "Batteries not included."

The team at TaskHusky will:

  • Setup a desktop and mobile pop up to suggest additional products not currently in their cart
  • Create a custom design to match your brand
  • Offer 2 rounds of revisions for FREE!

All of this is backed by TaskHusky 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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