GDPR Compliance Checklist for Shopify and BigCommerce

You’ve probably seen it all over the news and maybe even received emails warning you about the impending implementation of GDPR. Yes, there are lots of changes and important things for eCommerce merchants to consider. But it’s not big and scary. In reality, it’s just a new set of laws and regulations that make a lot of sense. Here's a 9-point checklist for Shopify and Bigcommerce merchants to get you on your way to compliance.

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Keeping Your Customer Data Safe and Secure on the Shopify eCommerce Platform
Shopify does a good job on data security. But with the blazing news about data breaches like the recent one at Equifax, it’s worth reviewing some of the security protocols already in place at Shopify and also touching base on some of the things you can do to ensure that your store data and customers stay safe. And some of those things will actually have the side benefit of improving your search rankings! Read more
Top Four eCommerce Trends and Statistics in 2017 So Far

The world of retail and commerce is in a genrational upheaval ... in more ways than one. We read dozens of reports and articles every single day to keep up to date on the latest trends impacting Shopify and eCommerce. Here are the top four eCommerce trends we identified so far in 2017 ... and things are just getting started!  

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Believable Scarcity – the #1 Way to Bump eCommerce Revenue

We all know that there are lots of best practices and solid marketing tactics that add-up to a great eCommerce site. But when you have enough data you can statistically determine in value of each variable to the overall performance of your online store.

The #1 technique for increasing online revenue is when scarcity is communicated to the site visitor.

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