The Magical Mystery eCommerce Revenue Formula
When we ask eCommerce merchants what they want, the answer is always “More Sales.” Duh! But saying you want “more sales” is like saying a politician wants “world peace.” It seems like a simple statement, but it’s really a dodge. Let me explain. Read more
A Practical eCommerce Guide to Perfect Product Photos

It’s time to get practical!

If you have the budget and time to contract professional product photography, great. But the vast majority of Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are using product images provided by suppliers and manufacturers, or they are shooting product images themselves using digital cameras or even their smartphones. But even photos provided by professional photographers may not be optimized for eCommerce.

This article is about fixing that.

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Believable Scarcity – the #1 Way to Bump eCommerce Revenue

We all know that there are lots of best practices and solid marketing tactics that add-up to a great eCommerce site. But when you have enough data you can statistically determine in value of each variable to the overall performance of your online store.

The #1 technique for increasing online revenue is when scarcity is communicated to the site visitor.

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