TaskHusky and Weglot: Delivering great websites in all languages

TaskHusky has recently partnered with Weglot with the mutual goal to help Shopify store owners build the best possible online experience to maximize their activity without spending hours learning code.

In this global market, it’s important your site speaks to everyone. You only have seconds to reel in your potential customer when they land on your site, make sure the content you worked so hard to create is something they can read!

Weglot’s translation API integrates seamlessly into your website, delivering the same words in 100+ different languages. Not only that, but Weglot’s technology is optimized to multilingual SEO so that your Shopify store will be indexed on all major search engine in the translated languages. This will help you reach more potential shoppers around the world.

Ready to broaden your reach of potential customers? Visit the Shopify App store to install Weglot now.

Want to give it a try first? Weglot offers a free 10-day trial.

Need help getting set up? We can help you. Submit a task with your preferred languages and we’ll get you up and running.

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The Top Performing Shopify Sites of 2019 (so far)

When it comes to business success you should ALWAYS be true to yourself. But that doesn’t mean you don’t watch what the leaders are doing to see if you can learn something or get inspired by their success. But how do you know which sites to look at?

Here is our list of the Top Five Shopify eCommerce Business Websites Right Now, along with some brief commentary on each.

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How a 150-Year-Old Treaty Still Rocks the eCommerce World – and It’s Getting Killed
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Universal Postal Union Treaty (UPU) is a BIG deal to North American eCommerce retailers. The treaty – signed in 1874 – gave special discounted shipping to mail and parcel deliveries coming from China. But the archaic rules of that treaty meant that sometimes it was cheaper to mail a 1-pound parcel from Shanghai to Toledo than it was from Dayton – with local shippers actually subsidizing Chinese competition. This gave a HUGE added pricing advantage to Asian suppliers. If they’re drop-shipping for you, that’s a problem coming up. If you are competing with them, you’re going to do better in 2020. Either way, you need to know what’s going on. Read more
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