eCommerce SEO Audit

eCommerce SEO Audit

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Your eCommerce SEO Audit Includes

You need your eCommerce site to rank well in Google Search. The eCommerce SEO Audit is designed to help you get there.

Each custom SEO Audit is performed by an eCommerce expert with decades of experience working on and advising stores just like yours on how to improve SEO and rankings. The expert will do a deep-dive into the keyword sets that are working for you and your competitors now … and the ones that are not working.

You’ll receive everything in writing via a full SEO Audit report detailing the most important keyword sets and how to deploy them effectively where you need them the most. The emphasis is ALWAYS on the practical, real-world actions you can take to get the biggest SEO bang for your time and effort.

eCommerce Audit Requirements

  • Read-only access to your Google Analytics reports (if applicable).
  • A completed website SEO questionnaire.
  • Timely email-ticket responses to preparation questions from our team.

eCommerce SEO Audit FAQs

Q: What topics are covered in the SEO Audit?

A: Your SEO Audit report will cover your site and those of your top competitors in areas like site content, images, Google Insights optimization, title and description tags, and much more.

Q: What will my SEO Audit report look like?

A: Most SEO Audit reports range between 7 and 12 pages. The exerts sometimes include extra reports and spreadsheets when those might be helpful to understanding the recommendation.

Q: What if I need more specialized help with my eCommerce site?

A: After you have received your custom-written report, if you need help just let us know. One of our TaskHusky developers can quote a task for you at no charge. And if you want to talk one-on-one to a senior expert, we offer exclusive video calls for an extra fee.

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